Ground textures

Based on the Stonehearth Graphic Test V2 ~ The grass, ground, rocks etc. textures look very tight. It doesn’t feel like ground for example. It just doesn’t feel natural to me however in the wallpaper the ground textures look very natural with the dirt in place and all.

So i’ve got 2 questions

  1. How do you guys feel about this?
  2. Is it going to change?

i think the textures/visuals in the graphics test looked … just as i expected them to, i suppose… :smile: nothing out of the ordinary, to me at least…

the visuals are always subject to changes and tweaks i suppose… time will tell!

They look good, but i miss the “Natural” feel of dirt. :smiley:

But hey, maybe someone will mod it hehe:P

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I do agree that the grass/dirt should have more variation in the tone and shade… but I also like it how it is!

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its possible that this will change, after all we haven’t seen what a dirt path will look like yet so it may be that in the finished product there will be more of the subtle touches that will just wont see in the alpha.

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Remember that this is just an early version as well. it’s entirely likely that variations in ground cover and shades of dirt/grass are coming, they just have not been implemented graphically yet. And if the team has those screenshots as goals of sorts for what they want to do, it’s more than likely that we’ll see it eventually.

Don’t expect too much textures… Stonehearth is so far not using them, the Voxels are single-colored afaik. For sure this might change, but for the time being what we see is what we have.

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With Voxels is it possible to do Minecraft style texture changes? Would something like an HD texture pack be possible?

@FatKungFuu From a technical point of view this is possible. The question is more if the Stonehearth-Engine will support it. The devs mentioned that there are only few places where they work with textures. Somehow I don’t think that the ground is one of them.

I expect dirt patches and what else color details to be in the final version.

I remember them saying that there are no textures in Stonehearth at all. But increasing voxelcount will increase detail opportunities.

recent blog post where @not_owen_wilson briefly goes over textures and such…

I would imagine you could use shaders and lighting to produce a similar effect, I’m no graphics developer though lol.

I think there are NO textures in this game :wink: But variety may come in future updates…

This will just be a short suggestion. But I think that the stone textures should have minor color difference near the edges of the lip and base of a new cliff.

Much like the grass and dirt of layers and dirt

It has three different colors for the top, and 2 different for the base. Making it easier to tell where you’re digging a hole. and the textures look less dull. Where as

The stone textures look very bland. and if there was a hole in that cliff, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the bottom of the tunnel and the base. Making it very easy to loose your mine without being in grid.

So, I would say the stone get the same treatment as the grass and dirty!

Any thoughts?