Erase and disappearing block

Using the Erase tool on finished structures that are made of roads or slabs, and then saving and reloading the game will make the “erased” blocks disappear, but you will not be able to place new blocks in their place.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place some road or slabs
  2. Wait until Hearthlings complete the placed road or slabs
  3. Use Erase tool on some of the blocks within the completed structure
  4. Save the game
  5. Reload the saved game
  6. Notice how “erased” blocks disappear

Expected Results:
Nothing happens.

Actual Results:
“Erased” blocks disappear, and you can’t place new blocks in their place.


The structures below were rectangles originally.

Version Number and Mods in use:
release 535, no mods

System Information:
Windows 10
Intel i5-3450
AMD Radeon HD 5700


that happened to me too

I’ve got the same bug in my castle (I forgot stairs and erased some blocks on the second floor), it seems the blocks are still there, just invisible. The blocks suddenly disappear after changing the building view(or loading the game), but still block pathfinding and all, so I think they are just invisible for the player, not deconstructed.

Okay this bug will bug the devs.
I did not read anything about it … maybe I did miss it.
@moderators ??

I can not place floor or road on this area anymore:
you can try to draw a square of road/floor/slabs over this area but at most you will get what you can see.
The area will stay blank.

I do not know how this happened but before I encountered this bug I had a house on the same place and the floor did just vanish.
Maybe I did erase it with the rubber from the building tool, since I did try out some road placement and deleted part of this with the rubber a few times.

Here is the link to the save file:

Oh I am using some mods:

And I am using the latest steam unstable branch build

Hey @groms,

Thanks for the bug report.

Which mods do you currently have installed?

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I believe I had a similar thing happen breifly, although I was able to fix it… possibly because the terrain hadn’t been dug up yet in my game?

Anyway, what happened in my case was that I put down a road design, and then erased a section of it; but the eraser tool also visually removed the grass blocks where the road would have been removed. When I tried to place road back over that spot (I had removed three blocks of brown road, and wanted to put two blocks of it back as grey road), the construction ghost didn’t appear in those invisible blocks.

When I used the eraser on a larger section of the area, the invisible area came back and the road built normally; so I put it down to a graphical glitch.

If it happens again I’ll take screenshots and make a proper report; but yeah I wanted to at least chime in and say you’re not alone @groms, I’ve seen similar glitches. I’m not running any mods in this install either.

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and 20 chars needed

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Oh right. Sorry. Somehow missed that bit :slight_smile:

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I had this happen with a 4x4x1 square that was 4 high from basic ground level, nothing I could do with it, can’t build on it, can’t remove it either, I had thought it was simply the Anorien Biome mod I was in, but guess it can happen in default biome, mine was 4x4 yours is a little bigger but same basic problem.

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@groms I merged your post here, as it sounds similar based on this statement:

Something like this happened to me too. I got so annoyed by it that I removed the entire building design (hadn’t started building yet) and began anew.

Which did seem to solve it, though. It seems that those removed blocks are somehow part of the “design”. When closing the building interface, the grass is still there. Upon reopening it, the blocks disappear again.

Not really or maybe far releated.
I know this bug too but this is only a visual bug.
What I have encountered is not only visual bug but also a physical bug since I can not build anything on those blocks.

Could be releated or not :smiley: