The Eraser tool and roofs and walls

So erasing parts of a roof and walls, suppose to take away sections and it does, but it still thinks it exist in the world even though you cant see it. Wont allow you to place block in the spot it use to be or paint underneath the area on blocks that are there under the erased ones.

Steps to reproduce:
Erase something on roof or wall, try and place a new voxel or paint a voxel under the erased voxel

Expected Results:
can place a new voxel or paint

Actual Results:
the voxel still exist yet not there, not allowing you to place a voxel or paint

only 1 workaround to this, place a voxel on the erased one, the extend it out form it then erase the voxels and then re-extended it back to cover the area, paint side you have to go underneath or trick the system in not showing all blocks



Thanks for the report!

I’ll add this to my list of bugs to take care of.

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Here’s a pic of the issues

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I wish there was an unerase button

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Does undo not work for erase?

kinda, i think she wanting to like erase blocks the unerase certain blocks

Thanks, that will help tracking it down.

Sometimes I erase too much, it would be good to be able to put it back when I notice I goofed and undo is not available, or if I change things later…so I don’t have to redo an entire floor and splits and things because I put a hole in the floor for the stairs that now are supposed to go elsewhere lol.

Pic of walls. didnt erase them, this is walls down view. supposed to work where we can place items in side room in the view. But the wall still blocks it. this also happens on roofs too, and slab voxels

example this lamp wont go through the wall so i cant place it inside

Happened to me, too. Latest build.