Can We have a Stand alone for Road Building

So, after playing the game in few time. i think it better to build the road as not the same as the building.

so other then the option being put as a category of building. i hope the road became independent and dosen’t put the same tab in the building list.

That’s all from me, i hope my english can be understanded. *sorry for my bad english.


I would like the roads to be separate as well. It would be extremely helpful if we could get the roads / walkways in tiers (start with dirt paths first, etc) so we could move on to getting stone roads.

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Until I saw a Stonehearth stream I didn’t know how to build a road.
I saw the option under building, but in my mind that wasn’t intended for whole roadbuilding (Same with the walls btw).
Maybe a more advanced separation between building/structural/decorations (well it’s already the case for the latter) ?

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The current system is pretty good, you have on powerful tool and you do not have to go through 32827 menus to build stuff.
That is why I can not see the benefit.


Many months ago when roads where first implemented they used to be in a stand alone tab, I did manage to find a picture,

Please mind the fact that there’s a hearthling in the bird bath, This picture was taken months ago.

I feel roads are good where they’re at, like said, placing it in another tab / location will make it confusing, Maybe the building editor could be updated with a small road or something, But personally I feel its all good at the moment! :slightly_smiling:

Hope this helps.


It’s not really helpful when I have to push three buttons and add another building registry when all I want is a road. Roads shouldn’t be considered a “building” and I don’t see why they were put under the building tab in the first place. If it were put in the same location as the “Custom Building” button is, that’d be fine with me, but to have it implemented technically as a building feels really weird.

Maybe just seperate out the building editor better. have the roads be a whole section below the house. the same thing with base walls. the building editor takes up the whole left side of screen anyways why not have it have multiple main sections.

That’s… You’re suggesting to completely nuke the building editor and have walls, etc. separately built? I was only going to suggest roads because roads most times aren’t considered part of a house.

not house walls but the stone castle type walls.