Visible Roads While Building

Just a very minor suggestion, it would be nice to be able to see the roads while building, even if they are covered with snow. It would help greatly while playing as Northern Alliance, as I’m constantly having to highlight them and count squares in order to properly place buildings.

Edit: Sometimes I can get them to appear permanently, but other times it does not. Unable to reproduce exactly how/why that happens.

Edit V2: After turning graphics settings up (I frequently play multiplayer, having them above minimum with 8 towns all on the map is just a lag fest), they’re fairly easy to see. Just at low graphics, there’s little to no differentiation.


Temporary suggested work-around: line your roads with a 1 block high “rim” so even when it snows you can see the outline of the roads!
(could even be a dot every few blocks instead of a solid line) it’s how they used to do it in the colder parts of the world back when we didn’t have fancy snow plows and reflecting road signs

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@Wouter_Sikkema Thanks for the suggestion, that’s actually a pretty cool idea. I think I could make that look aesthetic with my cobblestone roads.

You are welcome! (alternatively, small roof lined roads keep your roads clean aswell) but that’s for the fancy parts of town :wink: