Paths disappearing

Hiya saw this problem from a development build but this is from release 453 build. I just started building paths and they turn invisible randomly after about 5 mins. I cant get a screenshot in the right format to upload. But the blocks basically turned invisible.

Have your hearthlings started working on it? If they don’t work on it then it won’t show any progress until then. If you exit the building mode then the “ghost” task will disappear, but the the job is still in the queue

No its actually been built and then disappeared afterward.

do you have xray vision turned on? if you can see through buildings, your roads will also become invisible. for some reason, roads don’t count as floors.

Actually that could happen, you are right. It’s a known bug. And it seems that you can’t do anything about it, you can’t built on top of or inside them. But try this thing. If you have a patch of grass/original rock close to it build a new road starting in it, and extend it to the disappeared road. Cover the whole area that has vanished and erase the excess. Your hearthlings will, with a bit of luck, rebuild it.

Have fun, Kyth.

It was like it even without x-ray vision on but it may have been me turning x-ray vision on that made it disappear in the first place. Kyth thankyou very much I don’t know how but this seemed to work!!

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I tried to find it. I’m sure that I’ve seen a screenshot of this problem before but I can’t seem to find it, maybe it got lost on a different category. If someone sees it, please link it here.

I saw something when posting this but it was from a very early build I don’t know if it’s the same thing. Although since the first occasion which I managed to fix with kyth’s work around and all the ones I’ve made since then haven’t vanished

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In the picture, there was a road going through the middle, and when I got my second floor finished with the bridge between the house the road mysteriously vanished. Is this a bug? It seems like it lol

Hey @Minerexstacy, I can’t tell due to the building designer being open…is this alpha 11 or 12? (release or develop)

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can you build road after cause i got a similar one which was blocking me from building any other building?

Whatever is default for steam Rightnow, so I think 11 (Release 453 64x)

I’m not sure, but since I made a double building (same foundation, cut in half) I doubt even after it finishes, that I’d be able to add the road back. The game still thinks the road is there, because I can’t place anything in the two wide area going through the middle

You can rebuild the road if you start a new road on a nearby grass block and extend it to cover the area of the old vanished road. Remember to delete the excess road you used to start after redesigning the new road.
The reason it has vanished is that you probably designed something above it and deleted it afterwards. Next time build the houses first and later the road. Avoid delete or undo near roads, It seems to be related to that glitch.

Good luck and have fun, Kyth


Ah, thanks I’ll have to try that :slight_smile: