Is there a way to deconstruct things?

So, i built a cottage for two and now that my city is bigger i want to deconstruct it to place one of my own houses. Is there a way to do that?

If you open the building menu, click on that building, and select the “remove” option, then “yes I would like to remove.”
(The remove button might be hidden behind a “finished editing” button, I don’t remember exactly, so you might have to click that first.)

I thought “Remove” only worked for buildings that were in progress?

Yes and No!

If you do it before the finish the build, it’s Remove building

If you click the Building, and use the eraser command, sometime and i mean sometimes they will remove the build after. It doesn’t always work. And the only reason I know this cause i accidentally done it. But it still think the build it there. So then you have to go back in and design a big or whatever size block in it spot and then erase that to get it to fully disappear

Or you can always go into command console and highlight the building and type destroy


As you said, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesnt. This feature needs to be added/worked on though.

I have found over my play time that i’d like a building moved for a new building or removed.
this CAN be done and I know it. you could have it so the building just reverses i.e the roof is de-constructed first then the walls and windows and like, then the pillars and the floor.

Also the ability to place dirt and grass. Maybe uses coin or a new “Dirt” or “Grass” item is made when mining the dirt and grass layers. There could also be stones in the dirt layers and gaining stone from the dirt layers is similar to gaining Ores from the Stone layers.

They will probably add that at som point, the deconstruction, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t.

I think that would be the Geomancer’s job eventually. For now, though: I find that the second two wood colors match the dirt colors fairly well, and @Relyss’s Slabs with Terrain Colors comes with grass.

I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the possibility of proper dirt items rather than dirt just being stone. I’ve gotten so used to the stone dirt… but proper dirt might be nice… though it would mean you’d have to mine a lot deeper / further in / in a mountain to get enough regular stone. I definitely feel grass shouldn’t be dropped as an item. Pickaxes aren’t very good IMO for collecting grass and stockpiles / crates aren’t very good IMO for keeping grass alive. Of course, the developers’ opinions may differ.

I would like proper deconstruction of buildings. There’s probably going to be destruction at some point, so deconstruction would just mean a little extra work beyond that and construction that we already have.

Replace is meant to be “Place”

yes, a very common (and commonsense) request… will merge with an existing thread as soon as I can locate one (and be off this blasted phone)… :smile:


Not only grass. I literally added all the terrain colors extracted from the game, so the match should be 100% with whatever (grass / dirt / mountain level) color you decide to use.

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