Building cannot be removed

One of my workers got suck in a building and there was no way of getting him out, so I had to remove the building entirely to free him. After removing the blocks surrounding the worker and some extra, the dismantling completely stopped. I can’t remove the existing building and it’s currently ripped apart, ugly, and takes up a lot of space. Is there some way to manually remove the building?
(The building was not completed when I started removing it.)

Also, side note: Is there any way of putting grass back in a place where it as removed in some way? e.g goblin camp or recently removed road.

Only option for now is destroying via the console. Press ctrl + c in the game, select the building in the building mode (that could also be step one) and type in the console “destroy” without brackets. The grass can be not restored at the moment. But there seem to be some mods which implement blocks in grass color. You’d have to look in the category modding.

Hello @Tyloor

Like @SePax says, you’d have to use the console.

In the current Alpha the option to remove buildings after / while they are built has been removed.