Which Mod/Part(s) of a Mod should be in the main game?

Hi everyone,

some Mods or part of Mods are that awesome, that you may have thought “Why is this not part of the main game?”.
I had that thought a few times :slight_smile:
I do not even know if this is possible or if the devs/mod makers do/would want this to happen
BUT lets fantasize

Here are the conditions:
Only one mod or part(s) of one mod is allowed
You can choose the same mod as others
You have to explain why it should be in the game

Okay, I will start:
there are a lot of really really good mods BUT if I had to choose one, I would takes this:

This is not the mod I like most, sorry relyss :smile: but this was the first mod I did use and this is the only mod I am using in every single game I have played, since then.
There are some double colors or at least there are some colors which I am not able to tell apart.
But to be able to use more colors and even terrain colors is a greate benefit and I am using it pretty frequently

And what is your MOD which should be in the main/vanilla game?