Goblin Camp "Scar" Removal

Hello I am very new to this game please is there any way to fill in holes please. Thanks for taking time to read this

not yet but i believe it is planned eventually… possibly requiring the geomancer class

Hey there @Farli, welcome to the Discourse! Without modifying the game there is currently no way to remove the scar created by the Goblin Camps. If you are comfortable with modding, you can modify a file as suggested by @Froggy above to avoid the hole being made in the first place.

it doesnt have to be just goblin camp holes though… for example building then destroying roads leave holes and some maps start with holes on them… it would be nice to be able to fill them back up.

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Very true, I seem to remember a mod a bit back that allowed you to build a grass colored floor/road. Not perfect, but something…

that would be @Relyss’s lovely terrain slabs mod,



EI am not after filling goblin scars but holes I make buy mistake. Example I desided to outbuilding in one location only to find that builders can not finish building there so had to nick it down. And now there is a hole. That mod is cool. But can you not just have builds up one block with a step at front

you can do that if you want…just build the foundation manually and you can have them have a stair/multiple stairs to the house so it never needs to dig a hole in the ground.

So whenever a goblin camp spawns they always mine a layer of ground out. To me it kind of ruins the look of the game, especially when I have plans to build in that area later, or to set traps. Is there a way to regrow the natural grass or a way to put the earth back without it looking funny?

Hey there @shadymailman, couple of options you can try, check out the previous posts here! (BTW, welcome to the Discourse, didn’t get to say that in your first thread :smile:)

@jomaxro Thank you! You guys are amazing. Wonderful mod. Solves the issue completely. Once again, love the community here. Love the response time and how people pull together to solve problems. Will definitely be writing positive review on steam. Great job people.


I think the actual camps are fine, but I do agree with you that it does leave a horrible, brown patch of ground that makes your city look horrible. I reckon that you should be able to regrow the grass that used to be there or that the grass will re-grow over time. Just a quick not, I think that if we do keep the camps I think that their shape/organisation should be more randomised, they develop over time and that you can interact with the camps goblins more and not just kill them or give them random stuff for peace.


though you shouldn’t take this as a promise, tony did say on stream that he wants the geomancer to be able to have place-able grass.

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I really like this idea. with reading the topic calling them scars, I quite enjoy the idea of the geomancer healing the earth from all the hostile activities you have had to deal with :blush:


This issue has a bunch of fixes possible. If you want to hide it legit in game, just fill it all in/build over it. If you want to change the files themselves, just go into the files and paste what a few people have said. I do agree though that this should be fix, but in truth, it’s so minor that it will probably just be a patch towards launch.

For the love of god I cant find goblin_raining_camp_1.json anywhere :cry: Can someone tell me where it is

it should be somewhere in,


at least thats where the goblin war campaign is.

Full path:

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I dont seem to have a data folder in my stonehearth folder >.>

Hmm, have you opened up stonehearth.smod?

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