Is i true?! no more scars!

Thank you! this is so visually nice to see no more scars on the ground. does it also apply to the goblins?


unless something went wrong, it should… if i’m not mistaken, the team said they would remove them until the geomancer is implemented and you can fill them back in.


oh nice! I had no clue

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Until we have the geomancer, we changed it so necromancer camps and goblin wolf camps no longer leave scars. The first goblin chieftain camp is the only one that still creates a scar


Thank goodness! Actually I wouldn’t feel sorry if these changes remained well past the Geomancer :nerd:
Why should aggressive camps dig ground is beyond me.

Aside from the scars, if you play on a forest map, enemy camps also destroy any trees they cross into. While it is somewhat tolerable in the forest, it is very questionable if their logic is the same in deserts. Wood is a resource (as much as a decoration) and it is scarce there (and Children of Rayya can’t replant it).
I guess a better approach is to leave more areas non-forested at map generation and choose these when positioning enemy camps.

PS. On a sidenote, it would also be great if the Ascendants could replant other trees, not just oaks.

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the only scars that will stay is Goblin camps

Still got a scar from the main goblin camp with the chieftan, but not from anything else including the wolf camps

I think the idea was supposed to be that they trampled the grass there. Which of course is a horrible crime and they deserve to die for it, but ents and stone golems are totally in the wrong for attacking you for mining and chopping wood. :stuck_out_tongue: