Double Ghoul Camps?

Not sure if this is a bug, the camps didnt spawn at the same time, however it seems odd that they are right beside each other

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I’ve had 3 right next to each other before.
The remains:

It does seem weird that they are spawning right next to each other as these could have spawned anywhere as my village is in the middle of a large grass plane.

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yah I have a similar set up, in a field etc

lol nice remains though!

These scars reeeeeally irritate me.
Why can’t they be nice 'n civilized like small goblin camps are and clean after themselves?

I’ve seen this happen before and the Enemy Placement Desktop Tuesday seems to explain it. The game looks for a good spot that is not within player territory that isn’t underwater or in a mine. It seems likely that depending on the terrain on your map, the game may find the same area of the map as meeting its criteria. The video doesn’t mention that they factor in avoiding placing enemies near where other enemies have spawned. Maybe that could be a suggestion if you’re interested in avoiding this scenario.