Land scars should exist!

I have a problem with removing land scars from destroyed buildings and goblin camps.
The building/camp had an effect on the environment and there should be some type of scaring on the land.
Adding dirt back is a good idea but make the dirt discolored with the opportunity to allow time to heal the land, or allow a farmer to speed up the process.


I like this idea, but at the moment there is no in-game mechanic to do this. Grass is one type of block, dirt is another. At the moment there is no “conversion” of one block to another. Removing the removal of land scars addressed a very, very common complaint from the community - but is also a bit of a stop-gap while we wait for the geomancer. Once the geomancer comes out and/or dirt becomes placeable, I think this discussion will become much more relevant.


Is there a concept somewhere for the skills/spells the Geomancer will have? I would absolutely love for them to be able to carve stairs into the mountains of inside a tunnel system to go up :slight_smile:

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If what you say is the case with only 2 blocks then I completely agree. I guess it is just a good idea to think about moving forward.

I agree with you, i was actually sort of disappointed when i saw they had plans to remove the marks left over.

I like having a barren dirt space where a rival camp or building once stood.

I heard that geomancers will have that ability/skill. mind you I heard this some time ago ( back around a 8 or 9)

Spoiler alert! Looking forward for the geomancer for our floating islands

Personally, I don’t like the need of yet another (prob hard to get class) just for something basic like moving dirt. It will prob just make me hate the class system even more… lol.

Hope that moving dirt should be just a labor intensive task that is always available right from the start.

the geomancer will do more than just move dirt… apparently it will also be able to summon earth golems as town defence among other things.

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Ah. Stonehearth has a solution to allow land scars to exist, and how to repair them. But the problem is the solution only exists for Enemy camps.

This can be implemented with housing structures by maybe mining dirt, or when a house is placed the dirt that is removed gets stored.

Next just another small improvement. Start with brown dirt and move to darker green dirt over time. Similar to the way you do with trees, and them growing.

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