Kitty's Mod Collection

[A22.5] The Bunny Cult Mod: Thread - Download

[A23+] Building Colors: Thread - Download

[A23+] Clay Gen: Small mod to increase Clay generation - Download

Adds chance for clay to drop from grass and stone; increases drop chance from dirt

[A23+] Hearthling Appearance Suite: [WIP]

[A23+] Kitty’s Horde: [WIP]

[A23+] Small Mod: Clay Veins: Download
Adds clay veins to the base game biomes.
See my post below for screenshots & info

[A23+] Lowlands Biome Mod: Thread
A relatively flat, open and empty biome meant to be a rolling plains with lots of building space


Impending update to Colorful Floors/Walls Mod (to v1.1):

  • Internal change: Name changed from “floor_colors” to “buildingcolors”
  • Attempted to update to unstable A23
    • Partially successful: It doesn’t cause the game to fail to load anymore…
    • …it also still doesn’t show up in the Building Editor. So…meh
    • Will attempt again once A23 is stable (I miss my mods, I’m going back to 22.5)
  • Separated the unique shade of blue from the other blue stones
    • Unique shade now part of a set of 5 sea coloured stones
    • 5th colour added to dustier blue set to “complete” it

I also began research into adding new building materials, to add my conceptual “Painted Woods” for more vibrant wood materials, as well as “Natural Stone” to add a collection of stone materials based on real world stones (granite, marble, etc); for clay, since most of the more muted “natural” clay colours are types of dirt, I am considering using that expansion to fill in the Terrain Colors. Though I also don’t want to step on @Relyss’s toes if there is an intended upgrade of Slabs with terrain colors mod to A23+, so that will be the last thing I address.

Will update the tab for the mod, along with its changelog and download link, once I have finished making sure everything looks and behaves the way I want it to.

As a note, I will be posting all my final mod work here from now on, and phasing out the original threads.
This is totally not because I’m too lazy to look up the threads each time, nope

Now with pictures of the new sets:

Also, the Colorful Floors/Walls tab now updated, including Download; added in Changelog as well, seeing this is its first update.


Well, in light of a critical computer crash last night…I no longer have ANY of the update work I did. I thought I had backups on my external hard drive, but at best guess they never copied over or got saved incorrectly, as everything on it is the previous version.

In light of this…screw it. I’m going to re-update to the unstable build, and start preparing for A23 with my mods. Especially since most of the new content would have ended up needing to be changed to mesh with the update anyways.

For now, if you already have Version 1.1, keep using that.
If you’re new and were wanting to pick up the mod, the download within the Version 1.1 tab is your best bet.

Happy holidays from the Kitty all the same

@BrunoSupremo has helped save the day; I’m testing the last few tweaks that should allow me to have the 2.0 update uploaded within the hour!


Sorry for the lack of update; I got most of the way through taking screenshots for the new main post, when my game decided to cease working.

I have removed all mods, including this one; I have downgraded back to 22.5, upgraded back to 23; verified my files; uninstalled, reinstalled; nothing. Game crashes before even reaching the main menu.

I’m fairly certain that my current version of the mod has everything sorted out (I was still cleaning up a few colors while cataloging colours); as such, I will upload it so that anyone who wants to jump to using it can.

If anyone runs into any issues, let me know what they are ASAP, and I’ll do my best to address them despite not being able to play atm.

Updated download link is up; sorry for the delay on that on account of…above.

Okay, now that my game is working again, I am currently working on getting the rest of the screenshots for the latest Building Colors Mod, as well as checking its compatibility with 22.5; I’m fairly certain it should work for both stable 22.5 and unstable 23, but it doesn’t hurt to verify.

  • I also have an update for the Stonebunny mod in progress.
  • There is preliminary work for my impending Stonehearth Hair Haven mod as well, meant to be a more modular version of LoMH, but I don’t really have anything viable to share just yet.
  • I’ve also started playing around with my own faction and biome, but, uh…don’t expect much here, I’m quickly losing confidence in the project…
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  • Impending Bunny Mod update

    • This has been delayed a bit for two reasons:
      1. I can’t quite get some of the models to line up correctly
      1. I decided to do a much bigger expansion than originally planned; in addition to the new Carpenter recipes, there will also be some Potter recipes; possibly also Weaver recipes and Blacksmith recipes.
  • WIP new mod: Cut, Art, and Treatment

    • New modular customization addons for hearthling customization
    • Includes different hairstyles, beards, accessories, and colour options
    • Modules currently working to be released right away:
      • Rainbow: includes additional colour options that are more artificial (red, blue, purple, etc)
      • Naturals: includes additional colour options based off more realistic options (strawberry blonde, dirty blonde, etc)
      • Fancy: Curls, braids, and accessories
  • A23 port for Building Colours

    • Will be splitting into three parts: Colours (just the base wood, stone, and clay brick colour extension), Materials (the new Painted Wood, Polished Stone, Terra Cotta, and Pisé de Terra), and Soil (composting & dirt replacement)
    • This is to allow the option to not have the new materials if undesired, and/or to not have the slightly buggy dirt/composting.
    • Base biome Terrain Colours will be included in Colours version, per how @Relyss had them
    • Colours to match Mod terrains will be in Materials, as they’re tied to Pisé de Terra; if there’s demand for it, though, I can also add them to the base materials (wood, stone, clay bricks) as well.

Welcome to the never ending cycle of modding.

Aligning them at the voxel editor is part of the process and can help aligning it in-game. I find easier to center everything in voxelshop, cause models in magica are shifted to a corner.


Question for anyone who wants to chime in:

Should I keep all my mods in one thread like this, or revert to each one having its own thread to make them easier to find and see updates?

  • Keep the Mod Collection Thread
  • Give each Mod its own Thread again

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I definitely agree with @BrunoSupremo on this.
I don’t know about magica-voxel, it was a while ago since I tried it.
But Qubicle keeps moving the pivot-point for some reason.

Voxelshop never does that ^^
So you can open an existing qb-model in Voxelshop, and see where/how it’s positioned on the ‘grid’ :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure which is the source of it, since I create my models in MagicaVoxel and am then loading them into Qubicle, but how it works for me now that I know what I’m looking for, using my bunny totem here as an example:



As I learned by loading and comparing properly aligned models from Stonehearth, the numbers for the Position are the issue - they should actually be half of the size numbers, and negative:


Like so:


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Bunny Mod Update Preview:




O M G this is to much bunny for me ^^

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Oh wow looking great :smiley:

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I see, that might be it ^^ -So you got it to work?
I mostly use Qubicle for modeling, and then make the final save in Voxelshop so I know it’s positioned right (=

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It’s even worse than anticipated, @BrunoSupremo - while working on the Bunny update, I ended up making several things that I really liked and was pleased with the results of…that don’t fit the Bunny mod, so I started making a little side one for those, meaning I inadvertently have a fourth mod in the making x3


Okay, after properly formatting all my json files, I found and eliminated the main error throwing issues for the Bunny Update. Doing the next round of testing to get the update finished and released. Am going to delay a little to add in the language file update that I’ve been putting off as well.

Once it’s done, I’m going to post it on its own original thread, and update that thread properly.
I will also update the Building Colors mod when I get that update going.

Cut, Art, and Treatment will also get its own thread.
Clatter [the cat-clutter mod], the new non-bunny item mod that I’ve developed on the side while working on this big bunny update, will likely just be posted here, as will any small things I work on. This thread will also have links to the threads for the bigger mods.

While the current layout has all the information here, it is a bit harder to see everything at a glance, which I think makes a difference for many users.

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Okay! Think I’m FINALLY finishing up the Bunny Mod Update. Hit a few issues along the way;

  • A few just my own fault; I have been using Qubicle and clearly misunderstood its save feature vs. exporting. I thought if I exported a model with the correct settings, it would use those settings for saving as well. Not so much.

  • The Bunny Windows were too big compared to standard windows; they were size 34 compared to standard being size 20. This resulted in them looking weird when used in building. I tried a few ways of addressing this, and have settled on shrinking them to be a closer size. I think the final result still looks cute, though it doesn’t match my preview above anymore, naturally.

  • The lampposts also don’t look quite the same; after playing around with the light effect and it perpetually looking wrong or outright not lining up correctly, I settled on making the top beam longer. Not a huge change in appearance, but it lines up much nicer.

  • Some models are still a little off placement wise; I fixed most of them as well as I could, though a few are just going to stay slightly off for not. It’s more of a “weird feel” kind of thing that anything really problematic.

Doing a last round of tests (hopefully) and taking the new catalogue images, then should finally be good to release Bunny [Cult] Mod v2.1. For now, one more preview image:


Home stretch! Need some feedback: Should I leave the effect where it is, which has it relatively hovering around the lamp-bunny’s head, scooch it forward as though it’s being emitted by the bunny’s eyes, or scooch it forward and down a little as though the bunny is “holding” it?

  • Head Light Aura! (Where it is now)
  • Bunny Eyebeams! (Move forward)
  • Bunny Fairy Lights! (Forward and down a little)

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I think the non Bunny Fairy Lights options are better than the Bunny Fairy Lights option. I don’t know which of the other two I like more, so I didn’t vote, but these are my two cents.