Floating City Challenge

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@YetiChow has given me this wonderful amazing challenge and im going to be using this thread to update every one on how its going i am going to start out by finding a map seed with purely mountains on it more space to work with im going to do this in peaceful because the world is complicated enough as it is without mobs

these are my starting citizens

this is the map world seed and location i have chosen to begin this task the game save will perminantly become the challenge city aptly named Floating City Challenge


here is the starting point i think im going to build everything out of stone to make it look nicer and im not happy with the peak of that mountian so im going to surpass the challenge y building the city about 40 voxels higher than that point

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@YetiChow while i wait for this massive chopping order to come through

would you like me to tream the entire work of this challenge of your i can do so if you are intrested in watching this challenge be completed


well 12 game days into the project and we havent even begun we are making preparations and have a slight erm problem


Ooh, that’s an ambitious start. The reason I originally mentioned mountain-tops was because I figured that would at least save you some of the work; but I can understand how building your floating islands from scratch might be easier.

I don’t know if it’s possible to load a mod into the world once it’s started, but I’d strongly reccommend the Terrain Slab Colors Mod if you want to build your sky-islands from scratch. That would allow you to dress up your islands with “dirt” and “grass” (unfortunately it’s just a normal building slab which looks like natural terrain, you can’t use it like normal terrain e.g. for growing things) if you wanted to go for a more natural look. Of course, it also means more work when you go to build the islands… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you prefer the idea of simple rocks floating in the sky, however, then you could simply use the normal stone slab colours – they’re not quite the same as the natural terrain ones, but it’s hard to tell the difference unless you have them right up against natural stone.

Either way, I’m keen to see what you come up with! I probably wouldn’t have time to watch a full stream of it, but I’ll definitely check back to see how the progress goes.

One tip though: mass-harvesting the whole forest is probably far more wood than you need right now, especially since you can farm trees later. However, since you have all that wood lying around, you might like to make it into furniture in order to level your carpenter up quickly. That will give you extra stuff to sell, building up your gold supplies for later; plus is means you can build the market stalls sooner.

<<<<has no clue what market stalls do

They allow you to call in a trader to sell off items you don’t want/need. These traders also carry a limited supply of useful materials, such as ores and stone, food, or sometimes more advanced goods.

The thing is, they’re not part of the normal daily merchant cycle. You can call a merchant to the store at night to sell off all the surplus goods you got during the day; and that gives you more money to spend with the merchant who comes around the next morning.

When I first imagined this challenge, one of the ways I thought it could work would be to get the carpenter to build a market stall ASAP (they’re a level 6 craft so it’s something you need to train them up for), move everyone to the floating island, and then use merchants to bring in raw supplies. I figured that would be easier than having the hearthlings trudge up and down a massive staircase or ladder every day to get to fields down below, LOL!

It looks like you’re going for another strategy altogether though, which is cool – the point of this challenge idea was to see how players solve it, and how they overcome the challenges (like the huge distance between the town and its fields, or how to store all the goods that need to be carried up from the ground). Whereas I was imagining a slow-and-steady approach, it looks like you’re going all-in, and it will be interesting to see how that works for you.

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im desigining the first hows now what im going to do is design the city and build it with no support get it working then give each house its own floating rock (complicated part is i cant make the camera look up

do you care if the entire city is level (all structures begin at the same voxel height

i have some updates for you i have the first 5 buildings ghosted into the sky i have not started the construction as i am leveling all the crafters to make life easier

i am going to save here and come back in a few hours gonna go play some paragon for a few hours

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It’s your build – I only came up with the challenge, but to be honest you’re doing more with it than I would have. I’m good with ideas… not so good at doing anything complete with them, LOL!

I like the look of cities spread over multiple levels, but it’s not a “condition” of the challenge. Maybe the hearthlings cut a section across all the floating islands so they could have their city at one consistent height?

The challenge is to make the city work up in the air. Anything beyond that to make it prettier (multiple levels, cool lighting effects and so on) is a bonus but not strictly part of the challenge, I guess. Technically you could meet the challenge’s restrictions by having all the buildings on a single floating platform.

single floating platform eh that would ruin bridging requirements and shit

Will be a nice alpha 19 project for me.

Why harvest all that?
Anyway, order your carpenter to create log piles, this way he will save a lot of space in the stockpile. Each log piles uses 18 logs, so 1800 logs can be turned into simple 100 piles.
And learn to use the market stalls! Those are a must in a play style like yours with mass harvests.

Oh, and if you just wanted to clean the area and didn’t care about the resources, you could instead of harvesting it all, you could just delete it all. It is the red X icon in the harvest menu, you drag an area and hearthlings will destroy it all with a single touch. Very fast.

oh yea i forgot about log piles lol ill be making a bunch of stone piles too i guess when is alpha 19 coming im just now waking up i will continue the project now

How can u forget that when u had such a large city. still want a picture from that :stuck_out_tongue:

cause i dont use wood piles having to place them and chop them up again manually 9is tedious
and i dont have the entire map city anymore i lost it in an os wipe please devs enable steam cloud saving

i am however going to do the entire map city again this time on hard difficulty

`you can simply save urself in a cloud. that shouldnt be a problem.

first sky structure

well thats an intresting scaffolding design