Build challenge!

Hi there!,

Astronaut! Olympian!, Random shmuck dragged in from the street!
i have for you a CHALLENGE.

im looking for additional buildings to include in my nordlingmod,
currently i have one house i have made that works! (33.5 KB)

now im looking for either matching buildings, or addon-buildings (so after buildign this one, you make a seperate building as a sort of lean-to to this one, that can be built after the main building is done)

so are you a builder? would you like a challenge :slight_smile: ? then here is your chance! if it matches the build there is a large change (if you allow me) that ill add it to my nordlingmod as a templace the nordlings can make.

Ps. Improvements to the base building are ofc also allowed, do not that its been designed to quickness of build next to pretyness.

Pps. Yes you need the right sized hole to put the building is. That is intentional


I smell a challenge

I like that smell.

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Well if you are going to try making something ill look forward to what you make or think up ^^