Design challenge, mer needs you!

Mer Burleighhands, representative of the capital needs YOU!

he challenges you to the following:
design a house, fitting two hearthlings (beds, chairs) that is not cramped, but looks good and can be built -FAST-

you can have all materials near the build zone, and furniture pre-made.
No 50 body chuck noris hearthlings dashing around like sonic the hegehog, play fair :wink:
needs to have SPACE for two beds, two chairs, so if you would place and build it, they like it and dont go HE BUILT US A CELL, HALP!

My entry, and the time/benchmark to beat:
376624a1-ef98-4fcd-ae81-c595fc305979 (45.8 KB)

(its put down in the right sized hole, but included is a mould for above-ground usages, if you dont like digging)

Time to beat 3/4th of an ingame day, built by 6 workers.
show me your good-but-fast builds! :smiley: maybe we can all learn a thing or two from another :slight_smile:

1- tacocat - pretymuch a workday - cottage
2-Thahat - aprox 3/4 a full day/night cycle - Nordling house
Benchmark : 3/4 an ingame day - Nordling house

Bonus points for style and or speed ofc :smiley:

would love to partricipate, but sadly only my big buidlings look good :wink:

2 beds
2 dressers
2 chairs
2 storage crates
1 dining table
1 fireplace

Lights and flowers, decorative windows, front walkway, etc…

7 Hearthlings (1 carpenter and 1 cleric. Not helping.)
Start time: 8:01 a.m.
End time: 5:39 p.m. (37.9 KB)


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Also… How did you THINK all your stuff got here?


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Ok, im Loving that little cart, hahahaha XD
nice little all-round build, also a fireplace-enthousiast i see :wink: ?

its the windows in your build that stop them from feeling cramped i guess? or is this a case of “is bigger on the inside that it looks” ?

Yes a huge fan of the fireplace. All my builds always had a chimney anyway, then came the Nordling Mod with it’s super awesome fireplaces! It make your town SOOOO much more alive!

I built that cart and added it to my loadouts. It only makes sense. When you play “Food for days” it says something like “crammed as much food in the caravan” but we get no caravan. This first model is deployable and has 128 storage! I like to pretend that the wagon broke down, and so this is where we live now…:wink:

Not too sure about the cramped spaces. When it rained yesterday (in game) all six of them were huddled in the house on the right, just chilling. I thought it was because I made sure to decorate and have plenty of torches and lights, furniture etc… check the “appeal-o-meter”: