Challenge accepted

im going to build a city encompassing the entire map for all yoru veiwing pleaseure on live stream if anyones entriested in catchign this (its gonna be fun im already designing the city in my head while prepping the map

first hour 3 errors and still prepping the map everything is running smoothly up to 8 hearthings right nwo will post updates to this thread as time goes on
second hour still prepping the map moving as fast as i can had to take a small break for irl work but im back live i will not make any chanes to the map off stream


6 hour build special bonus being constructed right now

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well 30 mins later now and game has needed a restart and updated 0.0 @8BitCrab @Albert deets on the update on latest branch please (please dont make my save unplayable i wont be happy )

Alpha 14 has been pushed to the “stable” branch, you can find the full details here,

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really dude have you not seen my food stores … gtfo with that 1 rabbit jerky and 2 baskets of berries LOL

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im calling it a night as soon as new day comes up its 9:17 pm here i will resume tomorrow around 12 noon or when ever i wake up just waiting for nex day so i can post an ss of the current status and ill make a linked post in the bugs section with all my buggys in it for you devs pplz to figure out witch radiant_yang asked me to make it as a linked so dats what ima gonna do almost 2 % of my secondary goal reach a value of 1 million gold net worth

good morning stonehearthers i will be starting stream in 15 mins

failed pathing has killed 2 hearthings fail …

Soooo ? How Far … uhm how big did you build?

the map corrupted its self half way thru completion so im going to start over