Give Me A Challenge

have a challenging structure or goal you want to see met or built bring em on i was once challenged to fill an entire map with a city without corrupting the game or cheats (instant build and the likes) i managed to do this in 7 months time with a grand total of 75 hearthings and a total value of 1.4 million gold 295 structures 700 miles of roads 3 mining caves under the city all interconnected and nearly mined the entire map to the bedrock layer so im up for more challenges i want challenges that put a stress on the game as i am also doing this to assisst the developers in fixing issues that may not be an issue for the common player but could arise for the hardcore city dwelling hearthings bring it on folks

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To me, the best kind of challenges are the ones which require lateral thinking and unexpected solutions, rather than just a lot of busy-work…

with that in mind, I propose this challenge:
Build a city on the higher levels of a mountain (whether it’s a mountain in the Darkmoor Forest biome or the clay mountains in the Desert biome is up to you), and then carve away the rock below your city to leave floating “islands” of rock holding the building up. Use bridges to connect the city together, and have a staircase leading to the ground…

and make the whole thing look “credible” – that is, make it look as though the flying rocks were there first and the hearthlings built upon them; and make the staircase connecting it all to the ground climb up in a realistic way between the rocks on different levels rather than being a single span from the top rock to the ground.

Building a floating city is one thing; but the challenge here is doing it in such a way that you can get to the rock underneath in order to carve it out. You’ll also have some interesting work of making those floating rocks look natural. Oh, and naturally there will be an extra layer of difficulty when you move everyone up there where food can’t grow – you’ll need to get creative about how you provide the food for those hearthlings who live up top. Will they have to walk down to the ground to farm and gather their meals? Can you keep livestock on some of the lower rocks, or maybe even organise some crops up there? Or will it come down to buying all the food you can from traders, while selling other goods to pay for it?

This challenge should be a great stress-test for both the physical limits of the game, and also the different options to keep your hearthlings fed and happy.


your on love the challenge tho sounds complicated i will make a new post when i begin working on it to keep you informed… battle music begins and i freak out… on how its going

how did you get citizens above 75? the current limit is 50 as far as i know.

He is faking it =p hehe

must be the thing, seems pretty good at it :slight_smile: hahahaha

@Yohane, it is possible to increase max citizens past 50 via user_settings.


thank you sir for pointing this out (i already knew this as i do mod my game files lightly with things like the user settings changes to fit my play style

Never knew this. Thanks for explaining