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Great idea! Done! I have made the first post a wiki topic, which means everyone should be able to edit it. If I remember correctly new users (TL0) will not be able to edit it, but considering how quick and easy it is to reach TL1 I don’t think this will be a big deal.

I like the idea of some mod subcategories (I tend to be a fan of organization), but I am going to take this discussion behind the curtain for a bit (talk with mods and TR) and will fill you in after!


ok the wikifunction works ^^ but its looks like every change will be taken by “alfie” xD i have add my mods (and others) and get the info that alfie has mentioned me xD


Glad to hear that you got it working!

I noticed that when I made an edit as well. The good news is that the edit log does maintain the correct editor, but it does seem like the notifications come from the wrong user. I will file a bug report with Discourse tomorrow…

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Sorry for the lengthy and a little long winded somewhat technical description below, the more input i have from everyone though the better Praise can be for us all :wink:

Yea both really good suggestions, the first option of having individual sub folders requires quite a bit of work which was why i suggested renaming the files :wink: heh…, it requires changing the make mod page, edit pages and then various areas of the app but is also the cleanest approach i think.

the second option (which i’ll probably go with to try anyway) should be much less work, it also means its backwards compatible with the older app.

both of these do have two problems though it means you can only have one version of the mod installed, ie when it downloads the file (and with option 2 here renaming the file) it will overwrite the file in place, i guess thats ok as you only need one file of the mod in place and the most recent one that works i suppose so maybe thats ok? any thoughts? would overwriting the file be ok?

I also thought that any mods on praise are WIP however if a file is added (what i call a version) then it is essentially released but definitely not final, i guess my suggestion for WIP/MOD on the Praise website is that if its WIP (you don’t want anyone to test or download it) don’t create a version, any mod without a version attached won’t be listed in the app.

The new app has two areas:
One for Browsing Mods (which is a list from the praisedb but filters for only mods with versions and then only lists the most recent version, i have now also added the option to only show mods that are compatible (it cross references the stonehearth.exe build version against the stonehearth build version users associate with a version.

The second area is a “My Mods” area which scans the mods directory for any mods, compares them against the praisedb and then lists them (so it doesn’t list stonehearth.smod etc) it also checks the date which is where it determines if an update is available, this has a bug associated with it though as any mod that is updated on the same day that a user installs it (i read the file creation date) isn’t recognised as having an update, this only affects mods where the praisedb mods version version hasn’t changed though as my comparison also checks the version, i will add a time value too to fix that too but this will all be sorted for the first release.


@Wiese2007, forgot to mention that the bug has been reported and the devs agree the current system is not good. Current timeline on a fix is this week, so hopefully this will be resolved soon!

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Your are missing a mod:

very very very usefulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

@groms, feel free to add it to the first post yourself! The post is a “wiki-post”, so anyone can edit it.


Well this is a blast from the past. I was thinking about old communities and decided to hop back online, and this is still active! I thought it would have been replaced, but it seems the @moderators have been keeping it up to date and all that.

I have a lot to catch up on.


Welcome back @Alfie!

Well, we can’t really take the credit for keeping this topic up-to date…@demonsage mentioned it was outdated, and after some discussion we made the post a “wiki”, so everyone can edit it. Multiple users (like @Wiese2007, @The_M, and @BrunoSupremo helped update it.


@Wiese2007, looks like we finally got the fix for wiki post edit notifications! Not sure if the fix is deployed to Stonehearth yet, but there it is:


Better Stockpiles

This mod add new item filters for the stockpiles.

State: Completed
Author: @Shinsaka
Mod Version: 0.16.3
Game Version: Alpha 16


@Shinsaka, awesome looking mod! Feel free to add it to the first post, it is a wiki-post so you should be able to edit it.


Oh okay, thanks @jomaxro :slight_smile:


[MOD] Transmute mod

its a mod that gives some work to your Herbalist and transmute resources into others, you need the workbench to use it (example 10 Wood into 5 Stone or 10 Stone into 5 Cooper), that way you can get those rare resources faster but not super fast, if you want to get your resources just this way you will need a looooooooot of Wood (or clay, cause i take care of the desert too)

State: Complete
Author: @Alaswing
Mod Version: 1
Game Version: any



Hey there @Alaswing, feel free to add your mod description to the first post, it is a wiki-post so everyone has edit permissions!

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Not sure If i can suggest mods to be added to this? but if so is it possible to get the poyo coop added as i LOVE that mod lol.

I am also looking for the mod with terrain colour flooring and I cant find it. I think it should be on this list as I loved that mod too lol.

Easy Mode

Put the Mod Description here.

State: Work in Progress
Author: @Squishalot
Mod Version: 0.1.0
Game Version: Alpha 17

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Unit Frame Activity Mod

Unit Frame Activity Mod adds the current activity for the selected unit to the Unit Frame seen in bottom left corner of the Stonehearth UI.

State: Complete
Author: @illdred
Mod Version: v1.0
Game Version: Alpha 18


#Assassin Class Mod
Assassin Class Mod adds a new combat class to the game, the Assassin, the Assassin is an upgraded version of Footman and fulfills the role of DPS/archer killer. The assassin dual wields scimitars and has 6 skills/buffs learned upon leveling up.

**State:**Working, but more will be added later
Author: @Aviex
Mod Version: v1.0
Game Version: Alpha 18


Anórien Biome

Here, the gleaming colors of autumn linger, and thrive in the sunlight…

Anórien is a biome landscape with sparsely raised mountains
that topples over the rest of the terrain.

State: Complete
Author: @Vargbane
Mod Version: v0.03.0 (Build. 3.47)
Game Version: Alpha 18

View more info here