Input fails (mouse/keyboard)

I have this random and sometimes it does not happen at all, every input (mouse/keyboard) will not be accepted but the right mouse to move.
I can move the view and higlight things but I can not do anything else.

Furthermore stonehearth will use more and more of my computer rescources and will get more and more laggy ingame.

I play in window screen and I can shut it down at the beginning of this bug but when I wait toooo long I can only shut down stonehearth via task manager.
I have this mod active [Mod] Slabs with terrain colors [A20+]

stonehearth.log (31.6 KB)

Hey there @groms, are you still having the issues you described above?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, can’t say yes or no.
I did not notice that bug in the last few sessions.

Well then…I am going to mark this as resolved (for now). If you see this occur again, then I will drag it right back out of there!

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