[uA23r765x64] Speed 3 UI Unresponsive

Started a new game, and I turned on speed 3, clicked out of stonehearth to my second monitor and then back to stonehearth and now the UI is unresponsive, even though the cpu was mostly idle when I clicked off, the visualizer no longer updates. I can still pan the camera and zoom around, and even click on different zones, but thats all.

ah you know what I forgot to check my mod folder. might be that. oops.

I had the same problem. Press F5 to refresh UI

except that didn’t work. everything besides the camera and zone selection stopped working. hearthlings kept moving as usual but I couldn’t give them orders

does save and load solve it as a work around?

can’t access the ui. read my last post

you can save the game without the ui.

F6 - Quick Save
F7 - Quick Load

Shift+F5 for Quicksave Load combo

@genboom do you have the stonehearth.log?

Has it happened more times?

yeah those key combos didn’t work either. no it hasn’t happened again. I think it was due to me using mods for A22.5 plus the alt tab out of the game. if it happens again I’ll post my log

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