Descendants of Númenor (MOD)

Descendants of Númenor MOD (SWIP - Slow Work In Progress ^^)

The people of Minas Tirith, the White City of Gondor are descendants of the Númenórean folk.

Here I will add various creations, mostly aiming to fit the atmosphere of Minas Tirith and it’s people.
Inspired by Art, Movies, Books and my own imagination of course (=

I hope you like it! ^^


Note: This MOD includes all items from the Númenorian Armory MOD.

Main MOD (Unpack the .zip file in your StoneHearth MODS folder.)

A23 (UPDATED 2018-02-04)
:arrow_right: Descendants of Númenor (A23.v0.01.5 Build 1.67) (2 MB)

NOTE: The Fountain Guard profession is an early WIP

CONTENT (Click to expand)

Some content have been updated, removed or changed, -I will update the preview-images to include all content eventually

SCREENSHOTS (Click to expand)

Silver Wood Chairs and Black Leberthon Dining Tables set with Silver Candelabras

LOGS (Click to expand)


:scroll: don_mod A23 ( CHANGELOG #Build 1.67 ).txt (5.3 KB)
:scroll: don_mod A23 ( ERROR-LOG #Build 1.67 ).txt (2.3 KB)
:scroll: don_mod A23 ( PLANNED CONTENT #Build 1.67 ).txt (10.0 KB)

A23 ERROR MESSAGES (Click to expand)

(Build 1.60) ERROR #001 = This error message appears when promoting a Hearthling to a Fountain Guard:

don_mod (Build 1.60) ERROR #001 - Fountain Guard Profession Error Message.txt (4.1 KB)

OLDER VERSIONS (Click to expand)

Uploaded 2018-01-28)
:arrow_right: Descendants of Númenor (A23.v0.01.4 Build 1.63) (2 MB)

Uploaded 2018-01-25)
:arrow_right: Descendants of Númenor (A23.v0.01.3 Build 1.60) (2 MB)

Uploaded 2018-01-17
:arrow_right: Descendants of Númenor (A23.v0.01.2 Build 1.43) (1 MB)

HELP NEEDED (Click to expand)

Here are current issues and areas where my knowledge in coding is a bit short.
And where I really could need some help and pointers (=

How does 'Fine' objects work in A23?

In the same manner as crafting has a chance of creating a ‘Fine’ item, I used a method in A22 where there were a chance of extracting Mithril Silver from Silver Ore.

Most of the time the extraction will ‘fail’, resulting in the loss of the resources used, and you will only end up with a simple Hunk’ o Stone.
So, thereby there is a ‘cost’ and a risk crafting Mithril.

But in A23 I don’t understand how ‘Fine’ items works.

Is there a way to replicate this function in A23?

Old image form my A22 Version (In A23, the nuggets have been replaced by flakes…)

Promotion Error Message for the 'Fountain Guard'

When promoting a Hearthling into a Fountain Guard, you will get an Error Message.
It seems some problem with the Controller-line in the manifest.
I haven’t fount a way to fix it yet, and I’m clueless actually…

How to make a single-posed entity?

I’m trying to learn how to make a single-posed entity, and I could use any help possible on this topic.
Mostly I’m thinking about giving the Mason the ability to craft ‘Posed’ statues :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it possible to make a profession that can carry both a knife and a bow?

For the planned profession ‘Ithilien Ranger’ I would like the unit to carry both a knife (for close combat), and a bow for long range encounters.
Is that possible?

This is an early WIP


beautiful stuff mate! cant wait to see more. :smile:

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I love all things with Middle Earth and have wanted to make mods for Stonehearth from stuff in it but sadly don’t have very much time.

Back to this Armour mod! It looks awesome! I might PM you about something in a bit if that is okay …

Have a good day!



Good Job!!! :smiley:


Thanks you @8BitCrab!

-I saw your tip on the forum about MagicaVoxel and I downloaded it today.
Now I think some voxels have me booked for the weekend! =D


nice, but one warning is that it can’t have multiple matrices, so you cant actually make anything that needs animations, which includes armor :confused:

but its great for making stuff like chairs, weapons, etc.

if you want to get a free program that lets you have multiple matrices i would suggest Voxel Shop, its a bit trickier to use then magicavoxel, but it still works good for a free program.


Gondorian banners!

*Big thanks to @8Bitcrab for the guidance with MagicaVoxel and VoxelShop!
-And Team Radiant of course!! (=

…Now, i need some sleep :sleeping:


Lovely! very nice I like what you did with them!


Thank you ! -I wanted to display them in a great hall ^^

So, I made a new banner that I think is going to sit well on a lances, spears and standards for riders etc…
But for now, it’s wall-mounted.
And the previous banner is a wee-bit modified (=

####Gondorian Banner Tall (WIP)
gondorian_banner_tall_v.a.010.qb (40.2 KB)

Gondorian Banner Tall Fine (WIP)

gondorian_banner_tall_fine_v.b.003.qb (56.2 KB)

Gondorian Banner Tall Fine Iconic (WIP)

gondorian_banner_tall_iconic_v.a.003.qb (1.2 KB)

Gondorian Banner Tall Fine Iconic PNG Image

This was the main reference used;


100% lovely … awesome just amazing!

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Thank you!
It means a lot to hear it :smiley:


Good work @Vargbane, I love Lord of the Rings and i’m very happy a LotR mod is finally released. Your models look great so far and I can’t wait to see how the mod progresses.


Hi @TurtleSquish and thank you!

Really great to hear that there are a few LoTR folk here :smile:
I will try to post updates somewhat frequently.


I made some new concept art for my Mod, hope you like it (=


like it? i love it! i hope we’ll get to see more of this concept art from you.


Great! I’m glad to hear it! ^^


I made a Candelabra to make the home of our Heartlings more cultivated and fit for great halls (=

But… I’m still learning about coding…

Question: I’s there a way to get 5 points of light, one for each candle (1x2 pixels in height)?

I used the light effect from the garden lantern, and raised the height of the effect to match the candles.
That worked fine, just to make it work, and from there i got stuck :pensive:

####Candelabra (WIP)
candelabra_v.a.002.qb (9.5 KB)

####Candelabra Iconic (WIP)
candelabra_iconic_v.a.002.qb (3.9 KB)

####Candelabra Iconic PNG Image


hmmm perhaps 4 little light effects? one for each candle?


There is a candle in the middle :wink: