Descendants of Númenor (MOD)

ok then 5 little effects xD and like i know you can set the effects and how much in the json … the only difficult is the postions ^^


^^D lol I threw in a fifth candle for the sake of it.
-I tried, poked around a bit with the .jsons, but so far
I just haven’t found a way to multiply and size the effect…

The patience of positioning is no problem for me (=

A suggestion, despite having 5 light points is logical, you will run in slowdown quickly if let’s say you put 10 of these candelabra in a great hall (equal to 50 lanterns). Perhaps a more optimized way would be to add 1 point light without particules in the center top of the model and 5 particules effects without point light on top of each candles.


Absolutely beautiful, a job well done. Can’t wait to see what others make in the future.

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Thank you for telling me (=
I didn’t think of that at all, but now that you mentioned it, that would really be an issue =/

I really like the idea! -That would be something to aim for (=

I used and modified this effect - From the “Wooden Garden Lantern” (just the Z-axis)

Where do i set the voxel-size for the point light, and particle effects?
I had a look at these, am I on the right track?



Thank you!
Much appreciated ^^

Unfortunately I’m not a mod guru so I cannot help you much on the technical side… :confused:

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You’re on the right track. I don’t know how much of that you understand, but let’s go through some basic stuff here just in case.

This file contains all the effects that the lantern will run. I won’t go into much detail in this one, but I mostly want you to note that for the effect you’re looking for, the best way would be to have 5 instances of this (one for each candle):

      "cubemitter": {
         "type": "cubemitter",
         "cubemitter": "MY_CUBEMITTER",
         "loop": true,
         "transforms": {

And the second one in that file (the one for the actual light), it’s enough to have just one instance of that. So you’ll get this:

Of course to change the positions of each effect (in order to position them on each candle), you’ll have to change the values within the transforms. The values you need can pretty much be found by trial and error.

That one has all the values for playing that particular cubemitter effect. The names in there are pretty self explanatory in what they do, but you can just play around with the values and see what happens and until you get the desired effect.

It’s the same as above but for the light source instead. Again, just play around with the values found there.

I say playing around with the values here, but it’s also great to be able to quickly see the changes you’ve made. There is some line you can add to your user_settings file to see the changes ingame as you make them, but I can’t currently remember what it is. :confused: (maybe someone else knows it?)

But the next best thing is the unofficial SHED. You’d just have to change the settings there so it can find your stonehearth mods folder. But after that you can see the changes in real time in the effects editor for an effect while your making your changes.


Just discovering this SHED stuff! Tx for the pointer!


I’m very grateful for the idea you shared on how to solve it, I’m sorry if i bombarded you with questions ^^

Let me know if you have any trouble! I don’t actively develop it anymore but I was thinking about packing it up more formally as an effects editor one of these days since that part of it is pretty robust.


Wow! -Thank you, I really appreciate your help!
I’m glad you took the time and explained it from a basic level, -I want to try this at once :smiley:

This is Amazing!
That’s going to be a huge time saver -I’m getting the program now (=


Thank you @jonzoid much appreciated! -I’m definitely going to need it (=

Great! :smile:
I didn’t cover everything though, but I thought that you could explore the rest for yourself. :wink:
Of course, if you have any more questions about this or anything: just ask.

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I think it’s just fine =)

Playing around a bit with the code helps me to learn faster.
I have many questions, but right now I’m learning some voxel software too, so I’ll wait a bit by asking them ^^

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###Hi there! -Want to get anywhere in Middle Earth?
####Well, then you probably need a proper saddle horse.

Here is a model of a Horse that I am working on (WIP).
It’s inspired by the Friesian Horse, which I use for reference (=

I don’t know much about animating, so these are just static creations, …for now.
So far I like the contour, but it feels like something is off… …it might just be me…
Maybe the neck should be longer?

Tell me what you think (=

I like how the neck curves, and the broad hooves.


I think the horse is fine. Maybe a little too detailed for Stonehearth, but I can’t really see a way to fix that.


Main thing: Perhaps the head could be made with a flat bottom and angled down in animation?

Other than that… the hooves could possibly be made a little more boxy, maybe extending them a bit back? I actually quite like them as is, though.

I imagine there’s a bit of cleaning that could be done if you really wanted to, but I think the neck is great at the moment. If you do my earlier head suggestion, you may need / get to change it a little.


I agree, it’s important to keep the StoneHearth lore.
So it’s awesome to hear different views and tips to maintain it (=

Had an idea for the underside of the jaw, thought it could be used in a chewing animation when in idle mode ^^
But I think your right, the head in all looks better without it.
I didn’t want the legs too thick, but broadening them worked fine!
It has a more ‘noble’ appearance now, I really like it!

-Leaning the head down would really give that extra feeling ^^
I don’t know much about animating though…

Noted, -I will have it in mind =)
And maybe enlarge the head to a somewhat Heartling size.

Thicker legs (one voxel), and trimmed chin.
(This is just an early version)

Thank you both for your take on it, I appreciate it a lot!
I will try to keep the overall look, and give it a more StoneHearth feel (=


##Large Silver Wood Chair (WIP)

large_silver_wood_chair_v.a.003.qb (55.8 KB)

##Large Silver Wood Chair Iconic image (WIP)

large_silver_wood_chair_iconic_v.a.004.qb (3.9 KB)