Descendants of Númenor (MOD)

##Small Stone Pillars (WIP)

I added a lantern on top of one the pillars, I thought it would look nice in combination with railings.


I’d suggest making the horse quite a bit bigger, much bigger rear thighs and bum to make them look less pony-like maybe…

Overall though awesome work!

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Hi, -thanks for your post!
I agree with the pony look, but i feel it’s hard to make it bigger and still have them match our Heartlings =/
I want the rider to be able to place the legs a bit on the sides.

I’ll have a look at it (=


It’s been awhile since my last post :slight_smile:
I haven’t done that much new since then.

Nonetheless, with small steps the modding is on again :grin:

Gondorian Great Shield (WIP)

Gondorian Full Helm (WIP)

Gondorian Plate Mail (WIP)

Wall Mounted Sword Display (WIP)


Very Nice work!

Good looking models and looking forward to see the horse in game!

Few questions:

  1. How do you install this to your game? just add them to mod folder?
  2. Can i use this mod on a game that is already started or do i have to start over?
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Thank you! :smiley:

Unfortunately I cannot animate = / so it is more of a concept, to inspire, and if someone would like to animate it, please feel free to do so :slight_smile:

The MOD it self will take some time, but you can use the object’s now in different ways.
Just be sure to make a backup copy of your stonehearth.smod before any changes are made, like “stonehearth (BUP 0.15.0 Release 537).smod” or something.

So, easiest would be to rename and then replace the item(s) you want to use, with existing objects in the stonehearth.smod.

For example;

The large_silver_wood_chair.qb can be renamed and then replace most chairs in the stonehearth.smod, like arch_backed_chair.qb, simple_wooden_chair.qb, or stone_chair.qb and so on.

For the candelabra.qb you can replace the wooden_garden_lantern.qb

● Next ‘level’ would be to duplicate the object you want to use.
Moai- have made a really good, and basic tutorial on how to do this.
It’s not up-to-date, so there’s probably other tutorials out by now that are more accurate for the latest Alpha releases.

Personally, I just recently got my MOD to make peace with the Alpha 14 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish this helped you out a bit :slight_smile:

Please, anyone feel free to correct me if something I have written is inaccurate or outdated.


I have not forgotten about this MOD, absolutely not! :wink:
It’s has just been on hold.
I wish I could devote more time MODDing StoneHearth -Grand ideas, high ambition but with limited skills in coding, and not the time and energy to match it, progress have been slow…
Fun! But slow :sweat_smile:

Time is my Nemesis.

My goal is to release my first official, independent MOD (ever), within a month or so.
It might contain some weapons, armor and building materials, facing a very mild start without any big promises :slight_smile:

A sneak-peak of a triple window I made;

I was inspired by one of the houses of healing, located in Minas Tirith.
So I have three versions in mind;
One made of gray stone, like the one featured.
White rock, as the mountain Mindolluin, where the city was built upon.
And one made of wood.

That’s it for now :slight_smile:

So, lastly I could not resist in making the mithril markings of Moria.
This one was quite easy to make, since I found a good reference image.
No shades or anything, just plain single colored voxels, free for your pleasure to edit and use in any of your MODs and so on :wink:
-Just don’t upload it on any other site/forum than StoneHearth.

lotr_doors_of_durin_gates_of_moria.qb (27.7 KB)


I’m so glad that you are still working on this mod. Especially as a big lord of the rings fan. A little bit of critique, consider working a little more on the Gondorian Helmet. The lower half is good but the way the hat “voxels” up isn’t very stonehearthy. I would recommend fiddling with it a little longer.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

I really get what you mean, -I read some MOD-guidelines a few weeks ago,
it has helped and has got me thinking.
The general shape is very original, I’ll figure something out (=

The helmets are really supposed to be full-helms, but that’s beyond me for now ^^


why dont you try making the horses more cartoony in its proportions, and give it floating hooves? You should try to keep the stonehearth style in mind to avoid models looking like they’re trying to be too realistic.


HI! :slight_smile:

It was about that time i posted the Friesian horse, my MODDing got on hold…
(Too much other things to take care of, and it left me no time for MODDing :confused: ).

I had already made some changes back for the horse then, that i never posted.
-I can post it and maybe get some get some tips and constructive critique? :slight_smile:

Are there any tutorials on how to import StoneHearth entities to blender, for posing an learning how to animate?



(WIP - No DLC)

So far i haven’t got containers to function outside stonehearth.smod yet.
But I wanted a container specifically just for gold coins.

So here is a smaller version of Radiant’s original ‘Vault’ container.



Thank you again @TurtleSquish for the creative critique on the Helmet :smile:
I went back to my first model, (featured in the MOD logo) and started over from there.

I am much more pleased with the new results :slight_smile:
The colors will be adjusted a bit and so on…

(They are not full helms yet in-game, until it’s possible)


lovely work, can’t wait till this mod is available for download!

it actually is possible, its just that unless you have the helmet “thick” enough the lower hair might clip through the bottom of the helmet…


i agree the helmet just need 2 layers so that the bottom hair not cliping ^^ or tom change the hair system so that we can remove all hair for full helmets ^^


@8BitCrab Hi mate! :relaxed:

I hope to release the MOD in a month or so, -I have an issues with the Lancet window.

I haven’t tested these helmets with different hairstyles yet, but it’s the ears that clip through :confused:

If there could be a way to make the heads into a bald version, without ears, just keeping the eye color. when a full helmet is worn…:relaxed:


That would be great!
:slight_smile: :thumbsup:

yes it would be great but i dont know when he will change this ^^ he has often mentioned since the new hairsystem but no changes till then xD

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@Vargbane the helmet looks way better now. Good progression!

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that helmet looks awesome in-game, even if the ears are sticking out!

same with what i said about hair clipping through, if you make the helmet 1 voxel wider/thicker on each side the ears should be hidden…