Descendants of Númenor (MOD)

I love the idea of starting with the sapling. Our duty would be (among other things) to protect it?

Have fun, Kyth.

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May be craft a fountain for sapling?)

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Thanks @Kythandra! Positive feedback really means allot to me! I’m glad to hear it :grinning:
It would be great to find a way to give the White Tree some special feature, and give it meaning, and in the same time make it a target for enemies, which also would give it an extra reason for the need of protection ^^

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Thanks! -Great to hear you like it! :smiley:
-It is a SWIP(Slow Work in Progress) hehe -but I am working on it! ^^


Absolutely, -that would be something! :grinning:
It will take a while before I get started with that though (=

Maybe if someone makes a ‘Build-Your-Custom-Fountain’ MOD, it could be an awesome supplement ^^

Descendants of Númenor (A23.v0.01.3 Build 1.60) Release!

The Fountain Guard class has been added, and there are a few other updates/changes.

There is an error when promoting your Hearthling to a Fountain Guard.
-If anyone has the knowledge and time, I would really appreciate the help in solving this issue :slightly_smiling_face: :sweat_smile:

don_mod (Fountain Guard Profession Error Message (Build 1.60).txt (4.1 KB)

I haven’t worked on any of the abilities or the buffs for this profession yet, but that will come.

The ‘Outdoor Bulletin Board’ has also been added, (-It dosen’t have a description yet though and the collision shape has to be adjusted too).

As for now, it’s categorized as a Decoration, please let me know your thought’s on that.
Is it better to have it as a Furniture or something else, or is the decoration category fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, if you notice any bugs, typos/misspellings or other issues, please let me know :wink: :+1:

( I have an Error-Log in the description where I will add current issues )


So, I wonder… :thinking:

Is there any way to create an entity with a ‘static’ pose to it, manufactured by a craftsman, and which can then be placed in your settlement/town?

I’m thinking more specifically about a creation like this statue;

-If possible, that would be amazing! :smiley:
I would then add this, and other statues to the Mason, -Like the rider statue, that stands just inside the main gates of Minas Tirith! ^^D


Do you mean an entity with a single pose/frame animation effect attached to the model?
Like @BrunoSupremo’s slanted/diagonal minecart rails:

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Precisely! ^^
A single-posed entity -So there is hope! :sweat_smile:
Thank you @Stmpnk!

I haven’t tried Bruno’s Mine Cart MOD, but I’ll check it out!
I’ll have to learn how to extract poses properly for StoneHearth from blender too, but I’ve seen that there are a few tutorials around the forum on it :grinning:

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After lvl6 knight promotion appear few troubles, see at screens:

There is two errors. but they i can skip, ok

Guard after promo is already 6 lvl, but without skills

Guard after promo can take 2 shields…but low lwl armor didn’t.

It any way, thanks for your mod. In my case i know, sh*t happens

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Thanks for posting the bug! :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t built the abilities and buffs yet, but that’s coming :sweat_smile:
-I guess that’s why the level stays on ‘6’ even after promoting.

The double-shield problem should be fixed :thinking: Make sure you have the latest build of the MOD (Build 1.63).
In A23, shields are attached to the ‘leftArm’-slot, rather than as in A22 where the shields were attached to the ‘offhand’-slot).

-But the controller bug(s) that appears when promoting a Hearthling to a Fountain Guard is known, though I have no idea how to fix it for now :confused:

I will test the shield and see if I missed something there.
Thanks again for reporting this (=

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Now i use v1.63 and I find also some great bugs:

Guard in overall table have name “worker”

I cann’t attack them at any squad, he run at battle uncontrolable (!!!) like pet. =(

And now… a furniture from mod din’t give appear for room.


after placing 6 twins candle holder in small room. They have not any effect.
I’m crying, tears is drop to the ground. 20+ rooms at my town have a lot of things from your mod.

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Guard can’t lvlup and can’t wear any plate.

Because this? Compare to knight.

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I’m really sorry the hear about the candelabras :confused::confused:
I changed the entity-name a while back, but that was before I added the fountain guard profession (build 1.40 I think…).

I don’t know whats causing your guards to show up as workers though, as they do on your screenshot.
-I haven’t run in to that problem =/

I put the guards in combat, and they fought (They are quite weak, but still, they fight…)
They will be better when I build their buffs.
I also tested the double-shield issue, and it should have been fixed.

The idea is to prevent them from changing outfit/look, -That’s why I removed the ‘plate_wearer’ tag, so they will only equip the fountain guard armor outfit, and not change it.
And the Fountain Guard profession will only have one level, when/if I get it right ^^

Maybe I have to look into that some more, I could put that tag back, and raise the ‘ilevel’ for the outfit to something insane ^^

Oh, was it the Candelabras or the Tables that disappeared for you?

All kinds of twin candle holders have not appeal count in my case ( metall, wood, stone)

Can you write new role for your new armors like

but smthg like “fg_plate_wearer”, and write this new role for the you new class fountain guard?

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I fixed it, -the armor-bit that is (=

There is probably a better way to do it, but now when your blacksmith crafts a ‘Promotion Letter’ there will also be a ‘Fountain Guard Armor’ produced with it that your Hearthling will equip.

Thank you @EregionChannel for some great feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

I will upload the new build within an hour or so (=


Fixed it in a better way I think ^^


You fix a Guardian, but decoration still broken. I have a question

Where you give any parameters for twin candle holders? Which adress on .smod file? I cant find they.

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I think you might be referring to another MOD?
I only have Silver Candelabras so far :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, my mistake =) it’s from homesweethome…

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Hehe -No problem mate ^^ :+1:

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