[Res] SGT2/ A1 Bug: z-fighting between models


While z-fighting for single models is gone, there is still z-fighting going on between overlapping models. This can be observed with the trees placed in the world.

Steps to reproduce:

This happens all the time, no matter which seed I use to generate the terrain. Where trees are overlapping z-fighting can be observed.


Screenshot of 2 overlapping trees with z-fighting (?).

System Information:

  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580
  • Resolution 2 x 1920 x 1080 (Dual-Monitor-Setup)
  • 60 FPS
  • Intel i7-2600k @ 3.4 GHz
  • 16 GB RAM

I can confirm the bug:

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I Noticed the same issue when i ran the test

thanks for the verbal confirmations folks!

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some additional feedback/system specs:

Noticed that the z-fighting (I think that’s what this is) that was seen in the first graphics test was fixed, however there was some more of it happening between trees that spawned close enough together, in some places it was actually two rows of voxels that were overlapping. Assuming this is due to the first fix not being relevant, since they are separate entities.

Edit: Better image

This is more of a terrain generation issue. From what I know of Z-Fighting, it will be extremely hard to fix in any way except for just making sure the trees do not overlap.

A big thanks for reporting it, but the thread for said bug already exists:

The way we’re handling it is that if you could search your bugs and like the post for the one that applies to you to show it also affects you, commenting if you have anything to add. If it is a bug that hasn’t yet been reported, please do make a new thread though as you did.

So, big thanks, but I’m just gonna call in @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 to shut you down. :wink:

thanks for the report and the associated image…

indeed… and thanks for the assist Mr. Coordinator… :wink:

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Gee, I’m just behind on the curve, aren’t I? Haha


not at all… the more data, the better! :smile:

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It’s pretty obvious from the picture… and this was in SGT2!

Don’t expect them to be able to get rid of all the bugs…

Ahem… Please post your bug here http://www.stonehearthguru.com/forums/alpha-beta-testing-nexus/support/bug-reports .Wait, it’s already there since SGT2 :neutral_face:
Well, anyway, if you open a new bug topic here, you have to use the template
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Expected Results:
Actual Results:
Versions and Mods:
System Information:

on the first post. Anyway this thread will probably be merged, closed or adjusted.

I figured that at least… I just thought seeing that this was in SGT2, I wouldn’t need to follow the format… My mistake!

Title: BUG: World Generation – Trees inside Trees

Summary: During world generation Trees will spawn to close one another overlapping their structure causing visual glitching.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create New Game
  2. Look for Trees colliding with one another
  3. ???
  4. Profit

Expected Results: One tree simply generates over another slighty cutting that tree off [Similar to how Minecraft Trees Generate]

Actual Results: Trees conflict with one another creating a visual glitch.


  1. Trees are still able to be chopped down and harvested with no problem.
  2. Removing 1 of the trees in the conflict removes the glitch.


Versions and Mods:
I’m running Stonehearth v0.1.0 (release 14) and have no additional mods running during this save game.


Another example of Trees inside Trees :: [3 Examples on shot – 1 left bottom corner, 1 top left-center, 1 highlighted]

Trees Generate inside Mountains ::

Trees Generated near the edge of the world expand over the edge :: [Not sure if intended] ::

I do believe that Team Radiant are aware of this, and the graphical errors it causes :slight_smile: