[Confirmed] SGT Bug: Graphical blurring on models, z-fighting, t-junctions

Summary: On running the graphics test, little yellow dots are appearing at the T-Junctions of the models’ polygons, and tearing/fuzzing is appearing on certain parts of the models, like on the rabbit’s cheeks and on the people’s knuckles.


Ok, here is an interesting form of z-fighting I did not expect. This is a wall of trees one location apart 6, 7; 6, 8; 6, 9; etc.

@Ramcat… is this a post modification occurrence?

Yes, which I did not explicitly note…my bad :frowning: I included it here because it could be relevant to their next release as it is an additional edge case to be considered from the last Desktop Tuesday.

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@Albert’s powerful math protects us from the scourge of multi-phase trees, but noted for the inevitable assault by literature spirits bent on undermining his algorithms.


I still can see yellow dots in trees and related shadows:

I find dots in some places, they move when I rotate the camera

Not only in trees or the settler, also on the ground.
Maybe I could solve it with some configurations, or perhaps it’s just a matter of the graphic card u_u

Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (32-bit OS)
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU P8400
2.26 GHz 2.27GHz
Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family

Now that I think… My entities don’t project shadows o_o (Although the clouds show right)
definitely a rendering problem >_<

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