The Stonehearth Graphics Test Thread


added, hope it helps :3


Started downloading, realized it was an “exe”. Will there be a Linux version of the graphics test available in the near future?


it work’s fine :stuck_out_tongue: have Win 8.1, but the mouse pointer disappeared sometimes.


I can see through his head…


Yeah, works just fine for me. Windows 8. Word.


Found two smaller graphical issues. If I select an animated model (bunnies or workers), there are some yellow dots appearing and vanishing quite fast (looks like a storm). Seems like they are randomly appearing where voxels do meet eachother. Only happens with selected models:

Update: I see also the yellow points on the tree, but there I have to select the tree and move around. I guess the animated models are moving themselves and that’s why I see the dots there without me doing anything apart from selecting.

After re-starting there are some voxels which are flickering on bunnies and workers. Seems like the same voxels are flickering for all entities (e.g. between the two finger-bones of the forefinger and of the thumb):

Update: In addition I am able to reproduce some errors which are crashing “Stonehearth”. Not sure if this is of interest for you at this point in time.

The first ones are caused by resizing the window manually. If I reduze the size to have a very, very small window or if I enlarge the window to cover both of my screens. Not always the same point where the errors appears, but appears after trying around a bit:

The other one appears if I crash the game (one of the two errors above) and re-start too fast:

My System is running:

  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580
  • Resolution 2 x 1920 x 1080 (Dual-Monitor-Setup)
  • Intel i7-2600k @ 3.4 GHz
  • 16 GB RAM

Program runs with around 400 FPS.

[Confirmed] SGT Bug: Graphical blurring on models, z-fighting, t-junctions
[Confirmed] SGT Bug: bounds.getmax().x <= uiWidth_

works great, but I’ve noticed some texture issues. Very minor more noticeable on the bunnies. a couple of voxels appear to shimmer. But other than that it all looks good and appears to run very well. i did get the same mouse pointer issue as @Angus


Works for me on windows 8, but the bunnies have little glitched graphics in places.

Under the ear and at the bottom/back of the head.


Lenovo 8185-F5U
Pentium 4 3.0GHz/800MHz
Intel 82865G Graphics Controller
OpenGL version supported - 1.3.0 - Build
2gb Ram
Windows XP Service Pack 3

Stonehearth.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point RegGetValueA could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll.

Figure the system is just too old to run it, but posted the error anyways.

[Con] Windows XP not supported

I am not sure if this is a glitch, but in the program files/stonehearth folder there is a mods folder, which has two files:


If you edited these, would you be able to play the full game?


@Nicedude80 if you edit them, one of the workers will turn into a magician, get a hat from behind the tree and let the rabbits vanish… so don’t do it :wink:.

But honestly, the installation is like 70 MB big. You do not have the full game on your computer, so nope… sorry.


Runs fine, only thing i noticed is HUGE CPU usage, running at around 80%.

Got an I5- 3570k at 4.4 GHZ

[Resolved] SGT Performance: Huge CPU Usage

Dang, lol I was just wondering. HOw do you open .smod files?


Installed and loaded just fine.
Some overlapping in the textures eg the bunnies where shimmering a little bit. The fingers on the humans where too, but this was really only noticeable when you zoomed in.

I also noted the cursor flickered when going over the text, when I moved the mouse back into the main game area the cursor vanished, the only way I could get it back was to run the mouse out of the game window and then come back over the game area. This happened in both normal and large (full screen) window.

I do love the day night cycle and the fact that I can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel :smiley:
I have two monitors and the game window could smoothly be dragged from monitor to monitor


Ran Smooth for me for the 10 -15 min i had it running though my CPU was running at 28-35%.


I also got the error message when launching:


and then it worked on a second launch.

Looking good, but there was some pretty glaring z-fighting in the bunny model that’s been noted by voxel_pirate.


congrats Team Radiant! another positive step towards world domination! :+1:

I’m out and abooot, but i’ll give it a go when i’m back at home base… onward!


On a curious note what should be the threshold for our cpu’s and memory usage with this graphics test? or was this just a test to find out about will it work or break etc?


Works great for me. no errors or glitches or such.
I have to say the graphics are beatiful, especially considering it is a voxel based game. Can’t wait for final product :smiley:

-Windows 7, rest of info was sent in.
Problem found! My cpu starts overheating when I move around too much D: hope this gets fixed


if I had to guess, there were probably no set goals… just by virtue of running the stress tests and sending data, radiant can compile a wealth of information that can help with performance and optimizations…