[188] Shadow Tearing?

If you look in the the picture below you will see a whole bunch of white dots speckled throughout the photo. I believe this to be related to either shadows or war fog. This happens a lot to me especially when zoomed out. I have no idea why they’re there but it’s just like that.

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hmm… potential graphical anomaly? paging @not_owen_wilson! :smile:

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I think this has been present for quite some time?

At least, I remember having something similar, or seeing something similar a while back.

Not sure if Team R are aware.

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They’re aware. I had white and/or black dots since the graphic test. Although I understand that some people could get bothered by them. I never knew if it was fixable. In my case I just gave up and was happy that I could run the game with my laptop, but people with better systems are more likely to demand if this can be fixed.

I think we had yet another report for this, but it’s probably lost in the depths of the list. So we’ll wait until devs say something here about this issue.