Vector Intersections visible


I am currently able to see what I believe are the intersections of the vectors used in the image generation. Not 100% about that, only somewhat familiar with graphics rendering, but it shows up on most buildings, especially as I get more buildings built. Here’s a screenshot of the corner of a wall:

Just thought I would mention that, plus what seems to make it worse. I use the alphas.


From what i see those are actual voxel differences they aren’t a graphical glitch, though it is difficult to see the difference and angle of voxels (wheather they’re connected or not since they have the same color

Turn on Ambient occlusion in the settings and it should highlight the angles and such making it much more easier to see

Also i think the category is bug reports

I think he means the random white dots/pixels

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Ah, i didn’t notice those sorry

I guess they are glitjces after-all, i think @not_owen_wilson is in chanrge of graphics stuff?

Yeah, this is a known issue. I remember hearing that we had a prototype fix a while ago, but the performance cost wasn’t worth it. We’ll fix it, but it’s pretty low priority.

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I used to manage a custom software product, so I pass along all errors, regardless of importance - this isn’t that big of a deal. But sometimes one fix would help with something else, so I pass it along.


Absolutely appreciate you passing this bug along. Just setting expectations for when this might be fixed.