[A22.5] Object overlap render problem

I won’t adhere to the bug report format because the problem is not very specific. When two surfaces overlap, the renderer seems to work in an additive manner, so the overlapping parts are flashy (glowing corners, boo-hoo!).

I moved both pilasters by 0.1 voxel along z axis so ‘vertical’ surfaces don’t overlap but it is not possible with ‘horizontal’ ones. Is there a fix planned for that?

(the screenshot is obviously from the Archmod test)


whoa nice pillars. whats that from?

Archmod will be released after A23 as I need to test the features with the new building system.

:frowning: aw.

looks great tho, hope A23 comes sooner now :slight_smile:

This problem occure in my practise, but when i change graphical setting it disappear.

This does not happen with high graphic settings, but not everyone can play with those.

We’re aware of this issue, but it might take some time before someone fixes it, it’s just a rendering issue.
Right now I find it useful for finding water bugs, otherwise we can’t see if the water has correctly merged :confused:

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In such case I’d mark it as it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. A debug one, but still a feature.

Nah it’s ok. The devs also consider it a rendering bug. I mean, with low graphics, when there are many items in the same place, it can get quite blinding :disappointed_relieved: