[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, Graphics Test v2 Released

the test is indeed very polished, and is much more “stable” than v1… at least on my end… :+1:

im going to hazard a guess and say “yes”… i would be surprised it we were forced into a windowed state… odds are we’ll have an options setting to toggle one way or the other…

Test V2 installs and runs smooth like butter here. (system info uploaded).

Question, how do you pan? Couldn’t get any keys to do the job…

i believe its shift + left-click?


Well you can try it my way by looking into the distance, zooming in, and then zooming out; you should find yourself over that area.

Alternatively you could be conventional and use the actual controls like @SteveAdamo points out …

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Getting z-fighting issues on trees - Although it wasn’t mentioned in the “known bugs” section, the note about fixing z-fighting on single models may mean they already know about multiple models, but thought I’d leave it here anyway just in case.

@Nentify was already reported as a bug. You can confirm it by liking.

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Should have used the search function! Thanks. ^^

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We all need to get used to the bug-reporting category I guess… so don’t worry :wink:.


indeed… it will take a bit of time, but it looks like we’re already off to a good start… :smile:

and by “bit of time”, i mean “@Geoffers747 will beat folks senseless until it sinks in”… so, win win!


What are we suppose to do with this test?

welcome aboard @Castlesrule! :smile:

nothing much really… just run it, and send your results (if you choose to do so) to radiant…

well, that and just ogle the purty graphics as well… :smile:

Thanks… and hi from ts castle.

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oh folks… you’re in for a treat! meet TSCastle, the creator of some monumental builds in Timber & Stone… :clap:

TSCastle : everyone
everyone : TSCastle

can’t wait to see what you cook up in SH my friend… :smiley:


if I try to double click , it opens a black window and closes after 1 second :frowning:

hmm… could you try right-clicking and “run as administrator”? do you know if you any events in your system logs?

@Damiano_Anger this sounds like a “unknown” bug. Can you reproduce it? Maybe you can open a bug-report and share some details.


Just wanted to show some aliasing happening around the Kind Worker Lady Person. Yes, I occasionally Use Excessive Caps For Emphasis Instead of Proper Grammer and Things.

It happens only when she’s selected. The lines are dynamically generated and thus, aliased…statically generating outlines probably isn’t a choice, but I wonder if you could generate it as a halo on the polygon instead of the simple +N pixels thing that appears to be happening (and this probably shows just how ignorant of graphics programming that I am…but generating an extra layer to the polygon then eliminating the ‘not outline’ portion instead of outlining seems like it might work and be [relatively] fast).

Under king of “Not a big deal”: My first post.

Unfortunately, as a long time lurker, I can’t post images…here’s two:



P.S. You guys are amazing. This game is the most interesting concept I’ve seen in quite a while and I … eagerly await … each installment in the blog and stream! Keep being awesome; we’ll keep watching and waiting.

Two more, from a different angle. It’s most noticeable on the young lady because she moves…but you can see it on the trees too.




welcome aboard @ChrisACurry! :smile:

I’ve taken the liberty of editing your post, to directly embed your images… it just takes a bit of time before you’re able to do that yourself …

excellent feedback, by the way…

Thanks, @SteveAdamo!

edit: Left it running over night. Over 10 hours and still going strong.

Memory leaks don’t seem to be a problem either: 207,000k last night, 217,000k this morning.
Processor usage is wonky (possibly related to the vsync issue):

  • Minimized the application takes 14% overall (roughly 80% of one logical processor…i7 here)
  • Non-minimized it takes 7% overall (roughly 30% of one logical processor)

Whether or not you can actually see any part of the window makes no difference…only whether or not it is minimized.

Below screen shot captures the difference (usage on the 7th logical processor captures Stonehearth running, then being minimized…when it is maximized, the OS switched it to the 8th logical processor [and usage returned to the same level as pre-minimization]):


with all the excitement over getting the second test, i completely missed this part of the update:

along with some infrastructure work to ensure that we can push out new builds seamlessly

needless to say, this sounds very promising for rapid delivery of new builds, point releases, etc. :+1: