Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]


I’m just going to drop this off here:


Woow awesome Dojo :wink:


Lovely litttle house :thumbsup:
Fits the theme.
Does it have a custum animated door? I looked into it, is not too hard. :blush:


##Nihonjin v1.0 (Alpha 5 d1633) is Live!##

  • Japanese Themed Outfits
  • 3 New Carpenter Recipes (Bamboo Furniture and Shoji Door)
  • Harvest-able Bamboo Resource
  • Additional Building Walls and Roofs Designs
  • Rice Crop
  • Slight UI color swaps.
  • ??? Spoilers.


More info in first post:

Update: This mod is still compatible with Alpha 5 (d1658)


nice to see this mod coming along, looking forward to finding some time to try it out.


Nothing happens when i put the files in mods folder and click in steam on play… any one else with the same issue?


Don’t know if this mod is compatible with the latest unstable version of the game (which version are you running?) but sometimes the .smods will just not work.

Sometimes it’s better to change the extension of the mod from .smod to .zip, and extract its files in the mods folder. There can be other times when a .smod works and an unzipped folder doesn’t.

In addition, if the mod has some incompatibility it can prevent the game from starting.


At first test it isn’t. I can’t seem to track down the error though. I’ve shot a message at @sdee to see if they have done any underlying mod work that I seem to be missing.


Modding should still work, but we have changed some file paths, especially regarding professions. So if you were overriding or mixing into files in that area, double check your paths. :slight_smile:

Also, I just tested mixins, and they totally still work for me, in case that was an ongoing issue for some of you. Let me know if stuff isn’t working :slight_smile:

[Bug][1687] Broken Smods

I changed those around with the latest update. Jofferson isn’t throwing any pathing erros either… Hmmm… I’m completely stumped…

I guess I’ll just look deeper into it later on. Trying to debate on dropping my Biology class or not atm :frowning:


@Opperwezen , what exactly did you do?
Did you download the mod from the dropbox link, unzip its content, and put the nihonjin.smod file (that you find inside the unzipped folder) into your mods folder?

Because I’ve just done it and the mod runs perfectly fine :confused:


As said in the Update-Thread, I have the same problem with my tree-mod.
Working fine as folder, but don’t work as zipped .smod-file. That’s a bit weird at all…


Not working for me… uhhhhh what?

Same issue here @sdee . . . Very odd


That is what i also did…
I have the latest build of stonehearth.


I’m finding the game suddenly just quits a lot more often with Nihonjin installed, anyone know why?
Running the steam 1687 version


Then it’s really weird… I remember testing some mods with their .smod files in the past, and they rarely worked fine, so nowadays I always play with unzipped folders. Usually, an smod that doesn’t work is caused by the path to the manifest. You have to zip your files carefully or otherwise the game won’t be able to find the manifest.

But this is so strange, that for some people it works and for others it doesn’t :confused:
It could become a somewhat serious problem in the future >_<


Well life is turning around a bit more and I’ve been working on fixing up Nihonjin for Alpha 6.

Anyone have time within the next day to do a little testing? Reply to this post and I’ll pick someone tomorrow morning to do some quick testing and to get feedback before I release it soon. :smile:


don’t know if u did this allready because i am too lazy to read 300+ posts but have you thought of changing the chicken icon over peoples heads into like…rice balls or sushi or something ?


Now this is what I’m talking about! I haven’t had a lot of ideas and suggestions lately! (though i haven’t posted an update for the mod in ages!

I’ll have to look into this! Though Pandemic and I have been super busy as of late. :frowning:


The ranks for the millitary soldiers could be

and a special unit force that would protect the daimyo: Shinsengumi.