Japanese Based Settler Type

Heyo fellow breadslices! I know that this idea isn’t really new, but i’d like build support for it anyways. Basically, the idea is to add a new (official)settler type that is based off ancient Japan with a new archipelago biome(yes ik that there’s a mod for archipelago stuf).

Well there was nihon Jin from @Avairian but I’m not sure if that’s still on hiatus or not, some other guy also started but did not really continue. There are precious few complete–ish kingdom mods atm

I still classify Nihonjin as being on Hiatus, waiting to find out where I’m being located before I sit down and start working on the mod more seriously :sweat_smile:


In what state is the mod now anyway? There isn’t a wip version floating around anywhere is there?

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No WIP version available. I was in the process of converting the last available version into one for 1.0