Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]


The Tengu looks great!
At first it remembered me about when there was the Apocalypse theme for the Qubicle competition, because I made an imp out of a goblin so it had more or less that same skin color. (I never finished it, though).

Are you going to add the little black hat on top of the head? I’ve seen many images in which they wear it.


Cant wait to see combat units such as the yari ashigaru or the yumi archer. :smiley:

You can do it! Gan bare!!


Thanks everyone. :)[quote=“ownerpure5, post:304, topic:2289”]
Cant wait to see combat units such as the yari ashigaru or the yumi archer
I’ve spent a little time doing a few tweaks to the yari ashigaru. I’m really liking them.

Spent more time on the Tengu?
I’ll just leave this here. . .


It looks good. U can always get fancy and do the built in shadows we see on the SH models.


Are you not sure that you spent more time on it? Anyway, it’s great!


Quick Update:
Nihonjin is a bit broken for Alpha 4. I’m working on a compatibility update now. ETA the next few days.

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Hellllloooooo in hereeeeeeee

Hey it’s Avairian and more importantly, no the mod isn’t dead. :smiley:

Life has been a little busy for me lately but I haven’t stopped working on Nihonjin. I’m slowly updating Nihonjin for compatibility for Alpha 4 and will hopefully be releasing it sometime after the official Alpha 4 update.

If you havn’t heard from other sources, @Pandemic and I have decided to team up on our mod making!!! I shall be structuring up our mods, bug testing them and fixing them while @Pandemic tackles the art of it.

While testing out the new armor system in place in the latest alpha build I took this little teaser for you:
@Pandemic has been hard at work updating my previously made models. Isn’t his revamp of the samurai armor amazing!? :smiley:

P.S. If you havn’t, check out Pandemic’s thread for some more of his amazing artwork: Pandemic's Art and Modding Corner! Bringing Pretty Back since 2017!

Pandemic's Art and Modding Corner! Bringing Pretty Back since 2017!

The armor looks great! Can’t wait until the next release :smiley:


looks very cool!!! :smile:


Nice! Maybe you could take a few pointers from 47 Ronin, a movie that was made a few months ago. Not the best movie, but I loved the concept art:

I’d love to see this maybe as a boss monster! A disgraced samurai, camping out in a nearby hill, raiding your villages’ supplies or something.


Since this is mainly a reskin mod, the ronin could replace the goblins in-game.


I have heard that, historically, most samurai were bowmen rather than swordsmen by preference - it’s only later than the whole love of swords really took off. Dunno how accurate this is, but it might be an interesting idea to try having archers instead of swordsmen as the basic military unit.


Idk, @Avairian is the culture aspect of it. But from what I know he’s trying to keep it as accurate as possible. Art wise I’m looking into almost every source I know of.

I’ll watch it and see what is usable.


I’m not extremely caught up on the pre samurai era, but I know for certain that a samurai started off learning swordsmanship before moving though the “ranks” to become an archer as archery took much more skill to preform proficiently.

Interesting idea. In the future I’d like to replace the footman with spearmen. Most conscripted soldiers were given spears as they were much easier to learn and with their lack of experience, the length kept them farther from their opponents.


Yeah, I’m looking at stuff like this for example - from a game POV I guess it depends on if the tier 1 soldier is a samurai in training perhaps? You could perhaps go for a three-way split if the recruit levels up - bows, spears, and swords for tier 2, then mounted archers etc for a 3rd tier.

As I understand it, the sword was for samurai a bit like swords for European knights - a major symbol, but usually not the weapon of choice in an actual battle.

Mmm, I know even less about the conscripts of the era(s); I’m just thinking about the samurai ATM.


Mod Progress Update

While I’ve been busy with my life and slowly putting together another furniture mod to be released soon on @Pandemic’s page, he has been hard at work on the Nihonjin models and is pretty much done redworking the existing models :smile: College is just starting to progess will be a little slow on my end until I get my schedule set. But to keep your mouths watering. . . . He’s a little sneak peak:

Dat goateeeeeeee

Depending on how the tiers work in game I’m thinking something like this:

  • Tier 1: Unarmored Samurai with katana (maybe bokuto (wooden sword))
  • Tier 2: Armored Samurai with katana
  • Tier 3: Specialized Samurai with the ability to equip spears, naginata, bows, or two swords.

Something like that lol


Hey, quick question I kind of just thought up: would there be anything like an “Honor” (or Bushido) system, where samurai are disgraced/ promoted based on various deeds? I’d love to see that happen, but it’s a pretty difficult concept to put in.


Perhaps once the XP system is put in Nihonjin could use that? Then you wouldn’t have to change too much.


it might be possible to add it in already as a new happiness type bar. Assign honor to each act and have a town honor as well as individual


Hey guys and gals. College and work have been keeping me quite busy, but when I’m not working on the newest of @Pandemic and my mods I’ve been doing a little work on Nihonjin.

By a little work I actually mean I have completely gutted out the mod and have started rebuilding it. Of some of the various things I have been working on I managed to get a few ladies together to show off their new outfits:

As @Pandemic is working on getting a few models done for me I’m in the process of reworking the bamboo system. We also have some very amazing looking models for a little surprise for you all. If all goes well hopefully we’ll have a release out for you soon!

Nihonjin Update ETA: Next Friday

It’s something I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind. This would be a very interesting concept to play around with.

Oh I have plans on using that to allow access to “specialized” samurai. :smiley:

Now this has got me wanting to look at some of the game files. This would be pretty cool. A high honor and a low honor could have different effects on the samurai/town.