Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]


Yes everyone must watch it! I finished it in two days. It almost made me cry. . . It had me yelling and my parents looking at me funny. It is amazing. :smiley:


You guys can’t encourage me to watch anything else, ok? I have 17 tabs currently open, 13 of which are series I am watching, several of which have over 100 videos…I really to just start finishing these off! :anguished:


You should also watch Fairy Tail if you’re not. :wink:


Progress is. Small, but is. :smile:
Data part (json file) nearly complete, with huge help of Sengoku game :slight_smile:
I have a huge problem with the LUA part of it though. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but looks like I failed miserably in learning how to LUA and how to use overrides :confused:


Update: Nihonjin is now Alpha 3 Compatible

I’ve just released a new update for Nihonjin. It’s kind of a “beta” release and need a bit of polishing.

Download Link

What’s new?

  • Simple Wood Lantern: With new special effect.
  • Two Types of Decorative Bushes: Let me know what you think of the style. They are round after all but I think they fit.


None at the moment.

Bug Fixes:

  • Added socks to villagers that wear sandals to fix the skin color bug.

Testers Needed

As of right now I’m getting along fairly well with testing as releases have been small. However as my college semester is coming to a close within the week I’m going to have more time to mod and was wondering if a few people would like to help me test Nihonjin before I make full updates.

Shoot me a message and let me know if your interested.


I’ve started using my new twitter a little more. If you haven’t checked it out go take a look. I’ll be posting special sneek peeks there as to not blow up my topic so be sure to follow!


I’ll have to look into that. I’m watching Fate/Zero at the moment.

Glad to hear! Thanks again for putting in the effort for it. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it in action! :smile:

Quick Little Update:
Farming is fun.
Farming Is neat.
Can you say two new crops for your villagers to eat?

I wonder what they could be? :stuck_out_tongue:

2/28/2014 - Finally a use for stone?

2/28/2014 - 4:22pm EST - Doing a bit if in-game rice testing


Nihonjin 0.3.2 Is Live!

What’s New?

Download Link

I spent a lot of time on this release and I’m actually quite proud of the variety of content. The statues will eventually be transferred over to the Mason as well as the rice cubes over to a possible cook class. (Possible Hint?)

A big thanks to @LlywMiner for testing this release and for the screenshot!


so fancy, even his release notes are purty! :smile:

well done my friend… :+1:


Ooh, will you add soy beans and soy sauce? (Soy sauce is fermented in rl but I don’t know how you would do that, maybe craft a resource thing like the berry bush except you need to use resources to start the timer)


Did you watch fate/staynight first?

Oh and if you enjoyed SAO you should try Log Horizon.


I was actually thinking about that. I tried a quick run of a soybean plant the other day, didn’t go quite well. Took me 4 days to come up with a rice plant though so it’ll come eventually.[quote=“DinoD123, post:291, topic:2289”]
Soy sauce is fermented in rl but I don’t know how you would do that, maybe craft a resource thing like the berry bush except you need to use resources to start the timer)
Very interesting idea. It could eventually be part of the brewer’s job (i believe brewer was a class [if not ill add it for sake])


Yes, it was called brewmaster I think, but whatever.


Update 5/7/2014

Spent some time the past few days picking up some very basic C++ and Lua programming skills. I’m realizing it will take quite some time before I’m able to really do some moding with lua.

However I also spent some time finding a more suitable lantern for the outdoors to replace the current lanturn until construction and placing items on tables is further along. Figured I’d give you a little teaser. It’s still a WIP:


It somewhat resembles a model house on some kind of pole… :stuck_out_tongue:


Make the pole skinnier and the base a bit smaller, otherwise, it’s great! And you also might want to make the wight top a bit more yellow orange.


I think that’s what they were going for. xD

Oh I have you covered. That right there is the unlit variant. :wink:

Update 5/8/2014
I was really bored today and since combat is going to be in the works shortly I started thinking about some enemy units. Took a peak at the Gobin model and decided to make a reskin. Not quite sure if it is exactly the route I’d like to take yet but it could easily be used to replace or even bolster the goblin faction. Could also be used as a rare and fairly difficult creature to deal with. I figured using the goblin model might make it easier to implement into the game. Let me know what you think.

Introducing the Tengu (WIP):

The long nosed Tengu are legendary creatures that are usually found in the forest and mountains. They are a goblin like in appearance with wings and a long nose. Tengu love to cause mischief, playing tricks on people and in some places are thought to be a type of demon. 


I was wondering, and I almost removed that from my post.

And you know how an ear is shaped? Make the wings like that.


How about something like this? Gives it a little evil look.


Oooh, I hadn’t thought of that, that looks great!


The Tengu looks nice!