[Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available]


I don’t mind you making any modification to the mod, as long as you don’t re-upload it anywhere else.


Gardener Profession is missing in the UI for the Crafters have to select the Workshop or the Promoted Hearthling to use it in Alpha 17


Yes unfortunately this has been an issue since the introduction of the crafters to the ui. Someone may be able to correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think its possible to fix this as mods are unable to mixinto html files.


You’re in luck, you just mixinto /stonehearth/data/ui/start_menu.json Here’s a copy and paste of the file to mixin from when I was helping @fantasyworm with their scholar mod.

  "crafter_menu": {
    "items": {
      "scholar": {
        "name": "Scholar Test",
        "description": "Scholar Test Description",
        "class": "button",
        "required_job": "scholar_mod:jobs:scholar",
        "required_job_text": "Required Job Text",
        "icon": "/scholar_mod/jobs/scholar/images/icon.png",
        "sticky": true,
        "menu_action": "show_crafter_ui",
        "hotkey": ""


Ah thanks not sure how I missed that file :confused: shouldn’t be a problem then to get this working I will fix it in the next update @Banto


Updated and I have added a button to the crafter menu for the gardener. Update also includes some other balance changes and small bug fixes.


Awesome :smiley: keep up the great work your mod is gold! :smiley:


will this mod be updated to 3109?


same answer like cafe - when he is online perhaps :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m back, I was away for a little while and so couldn’t do any testing or updating for alpha 18. However I have now put up a separate link for an updated version that is compatible with alpha 18.

Also thanks to @Wiese2007 who made a lot of the changes that fixed the mod to be compatible with alpha 18 while I was away.

Working Mods for Alpha18

Welcome back!! Thank you for the update you have made my day!


Thank you so much was waiting for this to record new episode :smiley: keep up the great work!


added you to the updated list :wink:


Bug Report

Game Ver.: A18 dev-3116

Some crafting categories can’t be translated.

Here are some examples.


Fixed it for version 1.06 for alpha 18.


Love the mod! I have one problem with it though. I’m using this mod with Alpha 18 and I can’t find Foxfire pods or Sunflower Pods anywhere on the map. I can grow them with farmers, though. In Alpha 17 I could. I installed this mod on a game that was already started. Could that be the issue? Everything else works great. Thank you for the awesome mod.


Seems there was a slight change in the file structure of biome generation which was causing this, I have now fixed it in version 1.07 so should work now. Though you may have to start a new game for them to appear again.


Go to settlementdecor/mixins/start_menu.json and change the top if it

“crafter_menu”: {
“items”: {
“scholar”: {

“crafter_menu”: {
“items”: {
“gardener”: {

Was debugging the scholar mod for the maker and noticed that the settlementdecor mod removes the scholar workbench icon cause it’s named the same thing :slight_smile:


Haha, that must of been confusing, I must have missed it when I got it from xxdalexx’s post. Fixed it and updated so it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.


Hey so, completely noob question (apologies!), how do I know if the mod is actually working in Alpha 18. I’ve recently started playing Stonehearth (and computer games in general) but I have no idea whether the mod is actually active in my game?