[Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available]


oh that is right, I remember you talking about that. No I am playing the Anorien biome. so that makes perfect sense.

Please…Please could you add this biome to the biome recipes list…:grin: when you get time of course.


This is what I’m seeing. I unloaded every other mod just to make sure it was this one.

I think this is the same error message that I saw the last time an update didn’t work with this mod.


do you have download the newest version?


Yeah that is fixed with the newest version of Settlement Décor Mod. The last version broke in build 566 and a newer one is available.


Okay, that explains it. I haven’t been downloading from this thread so I didn’t know there was a newer version than the late June update. I’ve been downloading from Praise. The Praise entry is out of date then.


Ah yes thank you for reminding me I forgot to update the praise version :grin:. I will be releasing another version later today so I will use that for the next update. Rather than do 2 updates today.


Okay the new version is up now. I have added some new items to the desert biome gardener and weaver, changed plants so that they can be moved and behave more like the other plants in Stonehearth.

@Geokhan I have also added a solution for users using modded biomes. When using a modded biome it should now default to using the same recipes as those from the temperate biome. Though you may have to start a new game before seeing the changes.

I also tried adding the crops for the new plants to Rayya’s children, but a possible load order problem just makes the crop selection menu empty when I attempt to mixinto the rc_initial_crops file. :disappointed:


:grinning: Thank you so much, I will try this one immediately.


Version 1.00 is finally here and I now consider this mod to be finished. Though I may still need to fix some bugs and make changes to stay compatible with Stonehearth, I wont be adding anymore new features or items any time soon.

Continue to let me know if you find any errors even if its as simple as a spelling mistake or unusual collision region. Also I will continue to be open to suggestions on balance. Hopefully I will have some news about work on my next mod in the future.

Enjoy the mod and I hope people continue using it.


First of all Thanks for making such an awesome mod.

But when I try to use your mod with Alpha 17 ( Release 584 )
it simply does nothing :-/

I don’t know if it’s a fault on my end or not.
All I did was drop your .smod into my mods folder and then I tried to start a new game to see if it works.

Only thing I tried is adding debugtools to see if I can see any changes made there.
But the campaign browser did not change for me.

Regards, protest

StoneHearth A17 Won't Launch *Solved*

Not working for me in A17 either.


tested and confirmed - doesnt work

reason: subfolder in the smod was renamed to settlementdecov100
solution: remove v100 from the name


Thanks a lot, it’s working now!


Woops stupid mistake on my part, forgot that renaming the .smod wouldn’t rename sub folder within it fixed now


Well spotted Wiese, thanks for that!


No Problem :wink: I have seen this issues to much in my own work at the start :stuck_out_tongue:


the download here don’t have the updated renamed subfolder had to change it myself with WinRar


thats weird because it worked fine with me


He updated it after the issue was pointed out, so it’ll work as intended for everyone now :slight_smile:


Are we allowed to modify this mod.