Males with outfits losing their heads! (all affected, mostly footmen)

So a simple merchant strolled by my a10 build and so I thought i’d buy him out of his upgraded worker outfits! All went well until my hearthling Ezra (my one and only male worker) put one on and then…well… see below.

He has turned into a weird walking head. Oddly enough if (when paused) I rotated my screen I could find angles where he renders correctly.

Well…mostly. He doesn’t appear to be holding the window. Upon reload he started out “normal” but within moments he started behaving oddly.

Animations would play out of sequence (sawing before he got to anything - do workers even saw?), picking up objects prior to getting them, sliding instead of walking and then “poof” back to his normal head with feet and an odd neck.

Finally I noticed that there almost seems to be two of him (one ghosted).

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Interesting update. It seems he is performing the same animations the carpenter does, we’ll call him Sean, the only other male hearthling.

I’ve also noticed if the carpenter goes far enough away occasionally Ezra will mimic someone else’s animations but always return to the carpenter when they get close.


because everyone knows that im insane…

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Yeah…never trust a Sean :wink: It also appears that his “glitched state” is playing the correct animation while his “ghost image” is mimicking the carpenter.


Never says Sean again after.

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My foot man did this I saved and reloaded and it fixed it.

did you have the one when a hearthling walks with the seat animation? they look like a car!!!

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what?!?!?! i need to see this! did you get a screenshot?

After wondering where my favorite trapper dissappeared, I went on a search. Eventually, he was found, but in bad shape. Literally shape

EDIT: In the end, he turned into a woman
EDIT: One of my farmers got into the new trend


this is the same as this, just a different job,

perhaps @SteveAdamo @Relyss could merge?


some times in certain angles the head of certains villagers are stuck in their boddy there is some exempes. just saying.
bugged (first angle):
normal (second angle):


hanks, but already reported here,

@SteveAdamo @Relyss merge plz

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thanks! [tagged] and title slightly modified… :wink:


heh heh, luv da new title!

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HA! Perfect title! :slight_smile:

Very creepy, indeed.

I’m so proud of that chair…


he looks like some sort of demonic alien…

[quote=“Relyss, post:16, topic:11898”]
I’m so proud of that chair…
[/quote] i love how it looks! cant wait for you to update that mod…

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When I first saw this, I thought he was a sniper taking out Goblins.


I have the same problem but it is also happening when anyone is using a tool of some sort.

I also lost my head… well, Bassion Winset did… but still! :laughing:
I have a pic of him (but new user protection won’t let me post it yet) and it happened the same way.
Trader comes, buys 4 new upgraded worker outfits, Bassion puts one on, now he occasionally loses his head… literally!
It mostly happens when he is building or when I zoom in closely, but when I click on him I can see the highlight of his head at his feet… and maybe a raccoon? He’s also the only one it happened to… poor guy! :laughing: