A bug that i do not know how it came to

I was just playing along in game and went down to get a cup of tea and when i came back up i found this and i do not know how to replicate it sorry :S i’ll try though

Here’s a screenshot of the bug and the current screen: Gyazo - 806d219b0ae53df0361fba7c4bd2ec5c.png

oh and i have also come across this:

lmao now i have this issue too…:

another thing…:

Didn’t know i was playing Sleppy Hollow lol:
Gyazo - 9fe9d58567e7cba23ec12ee059faa517.png - a headless worker XD or a worker with his head in his hands.

Stonehearth loves me today XD lol

I hope it helps in some way,
Kind regards,
(Keep up the good work Radiant ^^)

your 3rd item was a simple solve you should have made a Farmer with an 11 by 11 farming zone designated with carrots or pumpkins to start off.

The headless worker looks pretty much like this bug:

The Blacksmith UI one I think I’ve also seen it before :confused: but I don’t remember if it was reported specifically against the Blacksmith or if it happened for other workbenches too.

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