Hearthlings' heads in wrong places

When hearthling is promoted or otherwise visually modified (armor) they tend to move their head texture into their feet, leaving only hitbox in it’s correct place. This doesn’t affect hearthlings’ behavior, it’s only a cosmetic bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Promoting hearthling to a new job/role (from the default builder)
  • Hearthling taking a new piece of armor
  • (Sitting next to campfire, not 100% sure)

Expected Results:

Expected result is definately not the scenario where their head textures jump to their feet

Actual Results:

Their head texture jumps to their feet


Not sure but it seems like giving them time to level up. (with many game restarts) seem to fix the textures.


With highlighted hitbox

With normal view of hearthling

I would love to add more of those pictures from different hearthlings with the same symptoms. But your forum does not agree with me.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Newest one, 0.16.0 & No mods in use
System Information:
Windows 10
2x 2,5GHz
1780mb Video memory
6GB Ram

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