Footman glitching and game stopping

I was playing normally when i made my hearthling a footman, when he went over to get the sword, he picked it up and then immediately went to the beds, he stood on the bed for a bit walking in the air and then he sank into it and started sleeping, this time not standing but with his body lying down and his head sunken into his chest. i tried to remove the bed and he got up, this time he was just sliding on the ground in the sleep position. he went to get the shield and he stood back up. now he walks around with his legs at super speed and his head popping in and out of his chest every 2 seconds. every few seconds he’ll go into the carpenters animation and saw the air with his sword while just sliding over the ground like a reverse moonwalk. at this time i just gave up on him thinking it was an alpha build, this is to be expected, let him do what he wants, let him follow his dreams.

I started on the new home for the hearthlings, i built a platform on the edge and could find the build button where it was supposed to be. i clicked out of the build mode and back inn and it let me build fine. however, as i clicked the agree button to build it just stayed there and everything stopped. i could still move around and click in and out of things but everyone was frozen, even time. i included screenshots depicting the events. thanks for all your work, you all are doing a great job.