Party Attack Freezing, Trapper Failure, Blacksmith Failure

  • ok so after looking on the forums I found out I can make my Footmen attack by entering into a Party then telling that party to attack only one problem after they attack all Hearthlings not just the footmen Stand in place and just stare off into space refusing to work despite having standing crafting and maintenance orders.

I’ve been able to reproduce this in 5 new saves regardless of the amount of Hearthlings I have pressing G then adding 1 footmen to a party = Total Game Stopped no hearthling will work or eat or do anything - Game Breaker

  • so after 5 consecutive hours I noticed the little spot I made for my Trapper Broke it was a 50x50 trapping land with a stockpile for raw meat & 2 crates to fill with pelts he stopped at 32 pelts in one with 19 in the other this trapper also had his own cottage with comfy bed + Chair with table for one & Fire pit so he was self sustaining why did he stop setting traps in a game animal rich area? anyway this bug fixed itself when I reloaded the game but most likely will happen again with time. - Game Breaker / Temp fixable by saving & reloading

  • Finally this ones been going on for a while every so often my blacksmith will stop working her anvil by placing ore on it then refusing to add logs or coal to the anvil to craft ingots & will stop 1 ingot short of a recipes requirements despite having these in her inventory or in Crates near by. - Game Breaker

now when I call these Game Breakers its NOT calling them crash bugs as the rest of the game works just fine but what’s the point of playing when

A.) Footmen don’t patrol
B.) your blacksmith & Trappers refuse to work despite having the means to do so.

P.S. if anyone can tell me how to add pics of these bugs to my post please tell me cause I don’t see a paste jpeg option on this forum system.

Adding pictures is “drag and drop” it into your message.

that or using the upload button,

ty now just gotta reproduce the errors here snap’em n’ post’em


Gonna deal with these backwards. See what we can do.

The Blacksmith
It sounds like your blacksmith is just encountering the issue where they need a particular thing to proceed to the next step in the crafting process, but they don’t have any. try canceling the order, waiting for them to move all the items, then queuing it up again. It could also be the idle worker bug, but this sounds way more like the craftsmen issue.

I think (Don’t quote me) that it is more efficient to have several smaller trapping areas than to have one big one, for two reasons. 1) I think (more not quoting stuff) that there is a limit to the number of traps they will place in a given area, so by having multiple small ones you can get more stuff faster, and 2) A large area can tax the pathfinder, and could cause workers to hang, which would explain why it fixed itself on reload. Try removing the area and making several smaller areas. It could also have something to do with Backpacks, but I would have to test it out.

Attack Party
Quick diagnosis, the only thing that would make the hearthlings not in a party stand around like that would be the town alert. Make sure that isnt it first. I haven’t encountered the problem you described in the latest unstable version, so…

How many hearthlings do you have? Do they just stand around idle, or do they have tools out in their hands? What happens when you delete the party? Trying to think of some other potential causes, but nothing is jumping to mind.

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