[Res] [Dev-2594] Hearthling Insomnia

A Footman is stuck for a time standing on his bed ‘sleeping’. This state has persisted through several save/loads. The bed is also marked as ‘occupied’ and no other hearthlings will use it. The hearthling stays in this state until night arrives again (20+ hr of standing on the bed) and finally falls asleep.

I am not sure how to reproduce this, but I do have the save where this occurred. (8MB save, too big to attach directly)


Upload it on a platform like filedropper

Oh you were faster :grinning:


This should be fixed in develop-2598. Try loading that save in the new build and he should hop right out of bed.

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Fix confirmed, his insomnia is cured!

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Yay! Thanks! :smiley: