Males with outfits losing their heads! (all affected, mostly footmen)

untill you are at the “trust” level to upload pictures directly to the discourse you can upload them to or some such place and @SteveAdamo would be more than happy to embed them for you :blush:

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I looked for the same bug but didnt find any post including A10.
My stoneheardians heads falls of and are stucked againts there ass…

Mostly when i promoted a guy/girl he shows this behaviour.
(edit: i kept playing and now a second guy i promoted , farmer, got this kind of bug)
Sometimes the heads goes back to his place when he’s walking but mostly its keep getting low.

I can still play… its just and unpleasent sight to see a guy carrying some meat when he’s head is in his a-hole…

We usually update the corresponding topic saying that the bug still happens on the specific version.

Well there is nothing wrong with transgendered Heathlings, honestly need more of them swear game is so gender biased, towns are always 80 to 90% female, makes me think that I’m going to have to legalize polygamy just so I don’t have a bunch of cat ladies in my towns


I don’t think I have ever seen a female Hearthling exhibit this bug. Can anyone share a pic?

I’m getting very glitchy graphics for the hearthlings who have been promoted to footmen and also sometimes the mason. I’m not sure if its caused when they pick up new equipment. They appear kinda headless :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks, but its already reported here,

@SteveAdamo @Relyss please merge :blush:

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almost all of my villagers will drop there heads when im playing and alp. 10 no saves yet so dont know if it will go away or stay after a save reboot. they also glide over the ground some times and do sawing and other motions as well. i do think that it slows down the the games by making it do to many things. seem to start to lag around this time.

The glitched hearthling seems to change to whom he mimics from time to time. And he does his actions plus the other hearthling animations at the same time.


the last one, of him scooting across the ground, that just made my day :joy:


Still happens on Alpha 10.5 Steam EA release (R375 x64).

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Well a rather…strange thing occurred whilst starting my newest town/village/what-have-you when my Weavers head appeared to sink under his shoulders and occupy the same space his legs and body does. Effectively looking like a human centipede. Whilst it was funny it did start to scare my other hearthlings and so I am forced to come here and post the bug for my villagers (I am a merciful god). I does seem to revert back to normal when a save is loaded, however it has happened a few times now and is generally just annoying to look at.
I’d upload images but apparently I am not allowed as a new user :frowning:

Amazing isn’t it. Observerd it multiple times on my GF’s laptop, they’d waddle around with their heads stuck up their ***. Haven’t experienced it myself however, but I like to think that that’s due to my Master Race Desktop hahaha.

My friends laptop also has this bug. He has a 64 bit windows 7 laptop… That’s about all i know about his laptop.

Just started a new game and made a character into a footman. He then walked down south and started flipping out. (His head went inside his body) Be warned. It’s pretty scary. I don’t think pixels should look like this.

hello @Charleston welcome to the discourse, and thanks for reporting.

this is a known bug, and has been reported many times,

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I sometimes see that the head of people is sliding over the floor, merging with the legs, instead of sitting on the neck. this only happens in some camera angles, otherwise they look normal. I encounter this issue quite often. The people act normal, it just looks aweful.

Steps to reproduce:
look at people from different camera angles and distances

Expected Results:
The people look normal

Actual Results:
They look weird and disturbing

sometimes glowing things are around the people, like if they were selected when really they’re not. but only an arm or something, not the entire person.

hello @leine55 welcome to the discourse,

this bug has been reported many times, i would merge, but it seems to not be working for me at the moment, @SteveAdamo @Relyss are you able to merge?

**edit:**never mind, that was weird :confused:

[quote=“leine55, post:1, topic:13177”]
They look ******* weird and disturbing
[/quote]please watch your language, keep it family friendly, and follow the rules and guidelines of the discourse

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I have the bug on my laptop too, has anyone experienced it on a decent PC?