Hearthling has Cook + Farmer jobs at the same time, but has no tools

Got a few bugs to report :smile:

1 I promoted my farmer to cook, but the spoon is not showing in his inventory, and atm he is able to both cook and farm at the same time. Like he actually has 2 jobs, but doesnt carry tools for any of the jobs.

2 Having issues with the crates aswell, hearthlings wont use items from the crates, but i have found a way to empty them, by simply not allowing the type of material in the crates. They will then empty it and place it els where.

3 U are able to sell everything that was ever made, including items that are beeing used (beds, lamps etc) This should only be items that are currently in your storage areas ?


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#2 and #3 have been already reported, but I haven’t heard of #1 :open_mouth:

If you don’t mind, I’ll change the title to reflect this specific bug, ok?
It’s a really weird one. I don’t think that the cook is supposed to do farmer tasks… Did you really see him plowing the fields?

Hey :smile:
Yeah its okay to change the title

Yeah he did all the things a farmer would normally do. Had to repromote him to cook, in order to get him to do the cooking

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So he was doing like a farmer, but with the cook outfit. And he didn’t cook despite having the cauldron? :confused:

There was a side effect of this bug:

in which hearthlings copied the animations of other hearthlings. Is this the same that you saw?

He was still in the cooking outfit, but he didnt have any tools at all, but was still able to revert to his previous job, which was farmer.

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