[NaB] Hearthlings won't farm food properly

Latest build. My villagers will harvest food from crops, but all they do is drop the food where they’re standing, and harvest the next crop. They do eventually take the food to the stockpile, but much later.

yap seen those… even my builders do that after crafting something they just drop it and let my other hearthling pick it up… sad i never should have updated to A11 so many bugs… and have u notice how theres no goblins and undead spawning now??

I had a few goblins spawn, but their camp was inside of a cave I had dug out of the mountain.

thats normal… i even had 2 of my workers killed because of that… you have to act fast when that happens.

That’s the way the farmers have worked all along. Their harvesting takes priority over hauling goods to the stockpile.

BTW, you can always opt out of beta on steam and have your game revert back to 10.5. Of course any alpha 11 saves will not work then.