Promotion makes for schizophrenic heathlings

Title: Promotion sometimes makes hearthlings share animations

Summary: When a hearthling is promoted, he/she will sometimes start mimicing the animation(s) of all the hearthlings that were accessing the same storage instance at the time the hearthling was promoted.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a storage area, and fill it with tools and other goods (had the filter set to all).
  2. Promote a hearthling to be a carpenter and put some items in queue.
  3. During a busy period (lots of hearthlings accessing storage), promote a hearthling to e.g. mason

Expected Results:
After promotion, the hearthling should act as their new profession, but still play only their own - relevant - animations.

Actual Results:
After promotion, the hearthling will mimic the animations of all hearthlings who accessed storage during the promotion sequence.

Both animations and ghosting/highlights mimic other hearthlings, but seem to sometimes be independent of each other. After a while, the hearthling model becomes corrupt and the head and body start sharing the same space (head drops to the floor).


Versions and Mods:
release-489, no additional mods installed.

System Information:
Lenovo X1 carbon laptop

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