A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1


One of the few things that really bothers me about this game is the lack of builds that come with the base game outside of modding. Yes its fine to have mod support but that shouldnt be your source of go to basic buildings. Please put in more buildings done buy you guys, even if its just a basic building for each tier.


I’ve checked with ladders and fence posts (stone, in this case) ought to be about two blocks tall, but stuff placed on top of them (in this case, the stone candle holder) has a ghost floating a block above. And I put ladders on the side afterwards, but I never saw my Hearthlings actually move the stone candle holder (but I’ll admit I didn’t wait very long.)

It seems like they ought to fit perfectly :cry:


im guessing that may have to do with the collision part of it. if you turn on the debug tools you can get outlines of where those are.


There was a post about pets looking weird on top of them. I think it’s because entities like to be at a location with an integer y-value, and the top y-value of the fence collision region is a non-integer. Since they can’t collide, things placed on top of them get bumped up to the next integer level.


Hi guys there’s a small thing that still bothers me, especially as someone who pretty much only places the Northern Alliance.

Some months ago all fire sources (torches, lamps, etc) used to have a pretty yellowish-greenish tone to them. This made it so that fire did not really feel warm at all. Then with the latest updates you introduced new light sources (the mason wall torch, the candles, etc.) and these new light sources look “redder” or feel “warmer”. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

These are the first lamps introduced into the game. They look “yellow-ish” and don’t really feel warm:

(Pay attention at the objects around them, the lamps are barely proyecting any heat/light)

And this is what a house which has these lights on the inside looks like. It looks extremely dark and cold:

These, however, are the new light sources, craftable by the mason. Look how fiery they look. How warm. And it’s all about the red-ish color. When you are playing in winter and you want your hearthlings to feel warm, you want houses to look like this. I have almost exclusively been using the new lamps in my templates just because these lamps feel warm. This is fire:

This is what a house illuminated by it looks like. It only has 1 torch inside and it already looks warmer. I tend to use 2-4 lamps and the house looks cozy, and amazingly warm and ready for winter. This is what surviving in winter should look like.

The fire pit is the only old item which got the new colors.

Is it too complicated to fix or is it possible to get the new light sources to also feel, you know, like fire? I understand if the lamps hanging on walls stay yellow-ish, but the brazers should definitely look as warm as all the new light sources.

Thanks for your time.


should be a reletively easy ctrl-c/v job. even as a mod this would not be hard to do.


I agree, some kind of a cave would be great. Also maybe we could get something like a campaign to farm something like a smaller version of Varanus.



Minor Inconsistency: The debug_tools “Item Stamper” tool opens a window labeled “Item Dropper”. Basically a non-issue but I just had to mention it after seeing it.


Archers should be allowed to equip armor crafted by tailors (padded vest / thick leather vest / padded cloth helmet / thick leather helmet).
Knights should be able to equip any metal armor (bronze and higher) and any type of shield (wooden buckler and higher).
FIX Cook recipes need to be updated to match requirements. The stone oven requires a level 2 cook, but some recipes that require the stone oven were overlooked and are still level 1 recipes.

These suggestions just make sense.


While I agree that they should be more consistent, technically the cooking ones aren’t inherently problematic, because you could have multiple cooks, and the first one to hit level 2 can make the oven, and then everyone can use it to make those level 1 recipes. In the same way that your level 2 farmer unlocks certain crops, and then all the farmers can plant/harvest them.


About the reballance suggestion : these er literally done by adding linke two words to a file (I know because my nordlings have this) but the knight won’t because the i-level of his defaultarmour is higher than the bronze one etc. And for the archer this will mean he can suddenly wield a shield, so that’s not idea either. Can be fixed but you might be better off waiting for the ACE mod for this stuff


This fancy door escaped the mighty legacy items’ cleanse :joy:
(noticed it last night, got one in the game)

I removed it from the loot_bag through ACE with a mixinto, but could be eeeeeeeeeasily fixed on Radiant’s end too :merry:


Yeah, BrunoSupremo reported it a while ago (Old fine items still obtainable)


Wolf Cage fix so they are inside cages and dont attack players would be a good thing that i posted very long ago :slight_smile:

also fix the tool that you grab colors with so it changes to the correct icon and not remain the paint brush which makes it seem you never even clicked the tool